London shopping

       Hey guys! I’m home after a few busy days in London. As I said I went there for Drake’s concert it was something out of this world. Amazing. But more about that later, let’s start with London shopping! As you can see I didn’t buy much but I bought everything I needed 🙂 already before going I thought that the only thing I need is fresh pair sneakers for spring and if I’ll find the perfect ones I’m super duper happy. And I did! These are perfection to me. I didn’t have any high-top sneakers besides Converses so I felt like I needed the pair. And the colour – the perfect nude/beige.I also bought a diary from Primark, sometimes I write when I can’t sleep at night because I have too many thoughts in my mind. I write it all down and go back to bed, then when these thoughts start coming back again I remind myself that I already wrote these down and I don’t need to think about them. This helps a lot and I fall asleep quicker 🙂That little pink thing is a card holder, I have so many cards in all different pockets, sometimes when I’m at the grocery store and I need to pay I just can’t find my card for like 5 minutes and then I see all these angry faces behind me waiting and I get to nervous and mad like where the fuck is my card haha. So now this problem should be solved and I have all my cards one place yay!