little update

Β My swimsuit is from Private Party

Hey guys! I just arrived to Frankfurt airport and I’m boarding a flight to Estonia in 10 minutes. I literally ran out of the plane because I really needed to charge my computer before jumping on the next flight. Editing photos on the plane is the best thing I know and time goes super fast. The flight was so turbulent, you could literally feel the wind while sitting on the plane but I was still somehow calm. And I had the whole row to myself again! I have the best tip for you guys if you’d like to sit alone and stretch your legs, that’s something I always do – be the last person to board the plane and then ask if the flight is fully booked, if they say no then go to the back and there’s always free rows. I’ve scored the best seats on all my latest flights!

I just left my computer charging and asked a stranger to watch it so I could buy some food and realised that I’m very comfortable leaving my stuff with strangers haha. But I guess you can tell if a person is honest or not πŸ™‚ btw this photo is from yesterday when we hung out at Janni’s place. I have so many more photosΒ to post! I’m thinking about changing my Instagram feed and post photos like this there as well – what do you think? I’ve been thinking about it a lot but at the same time I like how my feed looks right now as well. But this is more personal? Please tell me what would you prefer πŸ™‚ got to board the flight now xx