Lace up & denim

Bodysuit here / Shorts – vintage Levi’s / Watch Abbot Lyon / Sneakers – publicdesire / Bag – LV

This is what I wore a few days ago before coming to Haapsalu 🙂 now I’ve been just relaxing in Haapsalu with my mom, we’re heading back to the city tonight though and I’m excited for some city life. It’s so dead quiet here, great for relaxing but can’t stay for long haha. Also I’m getting my hair done tomorrow woo! Right now it’s like a mix of faded black, brown and has a bit of a red hue. Not a vibe.

I’m patiently waiting for breakfast now..it’s almost 12. I’m doing intermittent fasting now, which means that every day I have an 8 hour window for eating. I usually do eat 12-8 and the rest of the time I fast. Suits so well with my lifestyle! This morning I woke up a bit hungry but usually I’m not even hungry while I’m fasting.

Talk later xx