Just bought

New in from Fae Swim


Hey guys! So I’m actually trying to be in a total savings mode……but I just couldn’t help it. I’ve always had my eyes on Fae swim but their stuff is so expensive so I have never bought anything, until today. It’s black Friday and they have 60% off the whole site, I’ve been dreaming of their swimwear for soo long so I’m super happy! And I actually barely have any bikinis here with me, so I was in actual need of some new swimwear. I got all this stuff – a swimsuit, bikini top & bottoms for €88. That’s not bad for 3 designer swimwear items right!? Ahh can’t wait to receive the package. 
I’ve been decorating my room almost all day again, buying some new stuff, putting up fairy lights etc. I got an idea to do a photo wall since the wall  here isn’t very nice. I collected my favourite photos from the internet and some of my photos, printed them out and now I’m going to put them on my wall! I actually did half of the wall today and will continue tomorrow. You can have a sneak peek on my Insta story :-)) I will show you photos of my room when it’s all done!
It’s bed time now, I have an early start as I’m going to the Saboskirt sample sale (savings mode eh?) I actually thought it was last week but it’s this Friday instead. I’m so excited for it, I want to get there early because I feel like otherwise all the nice stuff will be gone haha. And after that I’m going on a boat trip and later in the evening I’m going to meet up with a bunch of girls from Vina (the app where I met Lauren, best app eveer!), one of the girls organized a Facebook event, it’s 8 of us and we are all going to have dinner and drinks together. So fun!! Good night x