Jumpsuit – Saboskirt / heels & jacket from Zara

Let’s start off this post with saying that I hate my hair in these photos haha, I didn’t have time to dry my hair and I really wanted to take photos before dinner so here’s the result haha. I still wanted to post these tough, I love the photo spot! Good morning btw, I woke up a while ago, walked my dog & had breakfast and now we are just working on our computers with Marleen. I really want to work out today, but we shot photos outside yesterday and I have a sore throat again. But I might do a small ab workout, summer is coming you know 😉 I’m so excited for summer, I want to buy loots of new bikinis, I have a bikini obsession but all the bikinis that I like are so expensive 🙁 I was just eyeing Fae swim bikinis this morning but they are over $160 + $30 for shipping. That sucks! Going to answer some emails now, talk to you later x