Instagram outfits

img_3968img_3977img_4629img_4652Hey guys! Here are some outfits I’ve posted to Instagram ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you have a favourite? I love all the looks, couldn’t even choose a fave hehe.ย I’m obsessed with ripped jeans and these Vans shoes are my new faves!

Anyways I had such a good weekend, Iย got home like 9am on Sunday morning and spent the whole dayย catching up on sleep, butย it was so worth it. You know that feeling when you go out and just have an awesome night? That was my Saturday. We started with a dinner in Darling Harbour (ended up not going to the Opera bar, next time!) and then we went to Ivy, that’s the only club I want to go to from now no but the ticket is like 40 bucks. It was so worth it though, so happy to share these awesome times with my best friend

Btw I just remembered that it’s Christmas in 5 days how crazy is that!? I’m not sure if I have a Christmas feeling, but I love experiencing different things so I’m actually really happy aboutย spending this Christmas here in Australia, there are so many Christmas eve’s ahead that I can spend with my family and eat lots of home-cooked food so this one is going to be different, and I’m excited about it ๐Ÿ™‚