1. Dreaming about traveling again, I’m so restless. My dream life would be just to travel all the time, come home for few days and then leave again. But I’m going somewhere in July for 3 weeks, can you guess where? 😉

2 & 3 & 4 Shooting with Oscar Mino, he’s such an amazing photographer and it was so cool to work with him!5. Summer – makes me want have my apartment full of fresh flowers.

6. Taking some photos for Saboskirt (a brand I’m working with).

7. Oh these morning runs in Bondi beach with my bestie, Bondi seriously stole my heart. A place I would like to call home one day.

8. I love baths, sometimes when I’m in the mood and I have a lot of stuff to do on my phone (emails etc) I just do it all while sitting in a bath haha.

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9. Shooting with Oscar Mino again, and wearing something I’m currently obsessed with – sweater/t-shirt dresses.

10. Strolling the streets of Barcelona, a lady made me these braids at the beach for €4 haha, I wish I could braid!

11. I’m obsessed with dogs, I have one Yorkie but can’t stop thinking about having another one.

12. Shoes of the day, these shoes literally go with everything!

I hope you liked this post, have a good day guys x