I’m coming home

number10.jpg (1 of 1)-401number10.jpg (1 of 1)-404Hey guys! A few days before going to New Zealand I found out that the place where I was supposed to move in after my trip was taken. It’s really hard to find a home in Australia, you have to go and view many apartments and there are so many other people viewing the apartments, so it’s really competitive. I stayed in Airbnb’s the whole time and moved every 2 weeks, I didn’t want to stay in another temporary place. Also I found out that in order to have the chance to continue school in 2 years I have to go home and fill an application. So I bought tickets home, but I bought flexible tickets meaning that I could’ve changed the tickets to another date within 12 months. So I still hadn’t actually decided what I’m going to do so I didn’t write about it here. I feel like I often write about what I’m gonna do and then I change my mind haha. But anyways I did decide to come home, I just arrived after a great tip. I literally had the best trip home.

At first there was the coolest guy in the check in desk, he let me choose all my seats and gave me an empty row on my first flight (I had 3 seats to myself!!) + an express track so I went through security like a boss haha. Then on that flight one of the flight attendants was so sweet to me, he constantly came to me asking how’s my favourite passenger doing and brought me snacks all the time haha. (he was not hitting on me, he was about 50 years old sweet grandpa style haha)

Then my next flight was in business class, so I went to the business lounge in Singapore airport. Loots of free foood! And 2 girls working there came to talk to me, I think we chatted for an hour and they were so sweet! Then it was time for my flight, I literally had a bed and I slept for 8 hours. Then when I woke up I still had 4 hours to go so I grabbed a lot of snacks and started watching movies 🙂 Then I catched a flight from Helsinki to Tallinn which lasted only 20 minutes, I saw a beautiful sunrise from the sky. Sunrise & sunset flights are theee best!

It feels weird being back, it’s weird to say that but I feel like this is not my place anymore. But I’ll try to enjoy my time here because I won’t be here for long anyways. know that Australia is only 2 days away so I can apply for a visa and go back anytime. My plan is to move there for a year or two in August, but I might go back earlier as well we’ll see 🙂

Time to go trough my emails now! Have a nice day everyone x