I’m alive

Heyyy! Yess I’m still alive haha. Since the day I wrote my previous post I’ve been working every single day. Ebony (the other girl who works here) got sick and I covered for her. No days off so far, I’m also at work right no typing this but I have tomorrow and Tuesday off which I’m so excited for. I’ve been thinking about my blog and Instagram a lot lately, obviously I’m a bit off right now but I really want to re-kick-start it. And do it really well. I bought a new camera and I can not wait to receive it. Seriously blogging makes me so happy, I’ve just been feeling down and haven’t blogged because I don’t have any new photos. But I thought I might as well post some older unseen photos until I get my camera and just write a bit and keep you updated with my life here?

I’ts almost time to leave the shop now, one of my friends came by a while ago and brought me a smoothie – too sweet. I’m going to get changed and then meet up with them. Ah I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow!!! I love you, thanks with being patient with my posting. I promise it will get so much better. xx