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I scream ice cream

Shorts – here / Top – here / Jacket – here / Bag – LV

We went to this ice cream place with Marleen! It was soooo good you need to try it, I found it on Insta it’s called ‘Crazy ice roll’ and it’s in Balti Jaam. I got the Kinder Buoeno one and Marleen got strawberry & blueberry one and both were deliciouuus. I love this kind of places that sell good Instagrammable food haha, btw do you guys have any reccomendations for cute Instagrammable cafes/restaurants in Tallinn? Tell mee

Now I’m spontaneously in Pärnu at my favorite spa :-)) I’ll try to take some photos today if I can get a guy to take decent photos of me? Hahah