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I got my lips done!

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Heyy guys! Guess what!? I got my lips done today! I had been thinking about it for so long, you guys probably remember that I wanted to get them done the last time I was here but I was too late, the lady told me that I can not fly for 2 weeks after getting lip fillers but I had a flight back home in 1 week. So I went back home and booked an appointment in Estonia, but the lady there was soo rude so I ended up just leaving. Thinking back I’m so happy I left, I think when it comes to things like that you have to feel 100% comfortable and sure. I definitely didn’t feel that way.

So this morning, I woke up and we were talking with Marleen about what should we do today, and I was like.. should I get my lips done? And she was like fuck yeah let’s do it haha. I booked a consultation and 2 hours later I was sitting there. It was so spontaneous, which was actually really good, I know if I would have planned it long time before I would have been so anxious about it.

I wasn’t sure I was going to do it today, I just wanted to talk to the cosmetic, to see what she had in mind and if she understands what I want. I wanted a SUPER natural look, just to even out my lips a bit, no duck face. She showed me some photos of her work and I felt reassured and we did it! Marleen took some photos there, I will post them tomorrow and talk a bit more about the procedure, pain etc.

After that we had a walk in Bondi beach, it’s like 5 minutes from our home. As you can see on the photos my lips are super swollen, I also have dark blue bruises. I will see the actual result in 2 weeks, when all the swelling goes down. I look like a duck right now haha but the lady told me that it will go down like 50%. Can’t wait to see the final result!

PS In case you are wondering why I’m wearing a tracksuit and a leather jacket in Australia – we came from Brisbane where it was 35 degrees every day so 21 degrees in Sydney feels really cold haha