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I got my lips done!

These black and white photos are actually taken almost two years ago when I first went to see Stephanie. That’s when she used to work at Laser clinics, honestly the fact that I got her to do my lips was one of the best things that ever happened. She’s an angel!!

I would never let anyone else touch my face, that’s why I waited 2 years to go see her again. I almost got my lips done in Estonia but it just didn’t feel right so I didn’t do it and I’m so happy I didn’t. Honestly I don’t think I could ever find anyone better, she’s worth flying to Australia for! Haha.

The first time she did my lips it lasted around 3 months (which is completely normal for first timers) so I went without any filler for 1,5 years until I saw her again :-)) Honestly so worth it, better safe than sorry! It’s your face after all.

This is a before and after (left is before, right is after) she injected 1ml into my lips as I wanted a natural look. I told her to focus on the centre of the lip and just even out my asymmetrical lips a bit. Needless to say I got what I wanted! It’s a small change, but it’s exactly what I wanted. For me it’s such a confidence booster and I just feel so much better 🙂

She has  a crazy good eye for little flaws, she looked at my face and said that there’s one little thing that she would change if I’m open to it. She pointed out the little ‘hole’ where my cheekbones are and offered to inject just 0,5ml (you can also get up to 4ml depends what look are you after) she said she really just wants to enhance my natural look. I’ve never done my cheeks before and never thought I would but I trust her so much so I just told her you know what you’re doing so just go ahead haha. As you see on the second photo my cheeks just look a lot more defined. And I love it!

No one could ever tell the difference that I got something done. And that’s what you want, you don’t want anyone coming up to you and asking if you got your lips done (at least that’s the case with me). I even asked some of my friends ‘can you see anything different about me’ and they said ‘no but you look really really good’. That’s exactly what we were after 😉

 Here are some after photos as well! I’m pouting my lips a little on the last photo but I’m so freaking happy with what she did to my face! If you’re in Australia and want to get anything done to your face please go see her – hands down I promise you she is the best. I don’t want anyone to get anything done and then regret it after or not be happy with the results. With her she tells you exactly what she’s doing and she has such a good eye! And also the lovliest personality. Honestly couldn’t recommend her enough. I want to get my mom to see her when she comes to visit me in Sydney, she’s THAT good! Haha. xx

You can get in touch with her via her Instagram here or www.chloepiper.com.au