Daily life


Sweater – Arop / Topshop jeans / Fenty x Puma shoes / Zara bag

Photos by Marleen Muhuste

Hey guys! I came home to snow, wonderful haha. I thought that it’s ok to come home because summer is coming anyways and the weather will be nice. I guess not haha. We took these photos outside yesterdayΒ and I was freezing! But I really wanted to shoot this hoodie, I love the color. Marleen’s brother is a rapper here in Estonia and this hoodie is from his merch collection. Super cool and cozy! They have one in pink as well and I feel like stealing that one too.

I’m just sitting by my desk and drinking matcha and thinking what I should do today, I think I’ll do a workout (I’m so used to working out now that it feels weird not to work out) and then I might do some emails and shoot some photos. Not really sure, we’ll see! Oh and I decided to change my Instagram theme and I’m SO excited!! I’m finishing off some collaborations and then I’ll start the new theme either tomorrow or after tomorrow!