Hollywood sign

Photos taken with Canon 750D

Hey! Some more photos from LA. Most photos from my trip (including these above) are taken with Canon 750D, Canon was so lovely to give me a camera to take with me on my trip. This camera is soo good, well just look at these photos! I’m super happy with it.

Anyways I think it was Thursday when these photos were taken but .. not sure, hehe. You know when you are in vacay mode and have no idea what day it is? That was me in LA, or for the past 2 months. Not complaining though 😉

Oh LA – apparently it’s the city where your dreams come true. LA truly has it all, beautiful city with a cool vibe. Driving around with Uber, strolling through Beverly Hills, eating good salads at Greenleaf, going to Disneyland, searching for our favourite celebrities on Hollywood walk of fame, going to Malibu, seeing Usher live – these are only a few things we managed to do while being there, we did so much more. I’m always super active while traveling, I just want to do everything and see everything! No time to waste, going out 9am and getting home 9pm, and what’s the most important – loving every minute of it.

After hiking to the hollywood sign & meeting some wonderful girls who were taking photos for their yearbooks, we went to Downtown LA to have lunch & stroll around. Was a great day.

Anyways woke up 7am today and went to a hardware store, spent at least an hour there because I couldn’t find anything I needed to buy and no one helped me. Felt like a little baby in the middle of all the construction guys there haha, all buying things they need for work. But I managed to get everything I needed eventually and now my construction guys are here putting on new floors for my room! So excited, I’ll show you guys the result later. Have a good day guys x