Daily life

Hair change


 A while ago I posted on my Insta story asking for recommendations for a good hairdresser in Tallinn and a lovely girl messaged me saying she’d love to do my hair! We went for a blue black colour (my new favourite) and I love how it turned out! My hair really needed a change as you can see from the before photos haha and I’m so happy how it turned out. I got my hair done at Glamfactor Studio in Kadriorg by the lovely Laura-Gerli. I definitely recommend her if you’re looking for a good hairdresser in Tallinn :-))

I just got home from jet skiing at it was so freaking fun!! I’ll post more about it tomorrow, right now I need a hot cup of tea and continue with some emails. I feel like I have so much work to do that I should stay at home for 3 days to get everything done but I end up in different cities every day…the struggle. I’ll try to wake up super early tomorrow, if I get a decent amount of work done I’ll go to another city again to a nice little summerhouse with a little crew, but we’ll see. Good night you all! xx