Daily life

Grocery shop

I’m wearing a Pretty Little Thing top, Vans shoes and Zara bag

Hey guys and good morning! I just woke up, edited these photos already last night so just making the post right now while sipping on lemon water. I’m soon going to make some breakfast and work on my computer for a bit. I have a dentist appointment at 2, usually I’m super nervous because who doesn’t hate going to the dentist but this time I’m super confident that I don’t have any cavities. We’ll see I might end up suffering there for 2 hours because I was too confident haha. After that I’ll go to the Levis store, I need a pair of 501 shorts in a nice light blue color, why is it so hard to find them!? Any tips?

These photos above are from one day in Bondi when we went to do our regular grocery shopping. I kind of miss Australian food and all the fresh stuff. And the weather. Luckily it’s getting warmer every day here in Estonia yay, summer is coming! 🙂

I’ll go now, talk to you later! x