Grey n’ Beige

DSC_4915DSC_5055DSC_5127DSC_5051DSC_5145DSC_5133DSC_5067Top – Sorella / shorts – Zara / jumper – Calvin Klein / shoes – Public Desire

Photos by Marko Mäestjärv


Hi guys! Here’s the fist look, I went for shorts, a t-shirt and heels. I also tied a jumper around my hips, love doing this – sometimes it can really complete the look. I’d been eyeing “plastic” shoes for a while, but didn’t really think that I would actually wear these out, until Public Desire was kind enough to let me pick out a pair of shoes to get sent to me and I chose these! I actually really like these now, they go perfectly with shorts, jeans or dresses. I’m so sad that I can’t wear shorts out anymore, or all the pretty playsuits that didn’t see the light of day this summer. Oh well, I really am a summer person so I will definitely be living somewhere warm in the future. I mean, a lot of people stay where they grow up, which is of course totally fine. But have you ever thought about that you can live pretty much anywhere in the world? Yes, you often do need a visa, but you can always make it work somehow. I mean, I want to live in Monaco or Australia and both are a bit difficult in that matter, but I will make it work, I know I will. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? If you got the answer, start working for it and you will be living there in the future, that’s for sure! x