Daily life


  Yaay we made it out in exactly 59 minutes haha!

Claustrophobia website here

A few days ago me, Marleen and Eliza went to an escape room called Claustrophobia. It was seriously one of the most fun things I’ve done in a while haha we laughed soo much especially in the end when we were flying back to earth. They have three different rooms and we tried the newest one called gravity, we had only one hour to survive and get back to the earth. It’s hard to explain but it was seriously so cool, it’s so fun to try different things!

You might see that my palm looks blue on some photos, I had a little error while applying a temporary tattoo. My hand has looked like this for a week and it’s finally slowly fading haha. I’m going out now to enjoy the nice weather, have a good day everyone! x