Daily life

Good morning

  This is how my morning started today! Well, almost.. I had to cook my own breakfast and I had my dog sitting in my lap instead of Ralphy, but close enough 🙂 these photos are from one morning in Sydney, I miss Ralphy and Christine and that apartment in Bondi!

I’m happy I’m in Estonia though, the feeling of ‘I don’t belong here anymore’ is gone, I feel that right now I’m exactly where I need to be and I have so many exciting things planned for the future. I answered a bunch of emails again this morning (I feel like I always write this) but seriously if you’re a blogger you get so many emails, I think it’s super fun though – I love going through my mail every morning hehe. I’ll finish off this blog post now and head to the gym. I started my membership again this morning, so today I’m going to do cardio (45min of speed walking) and I will listen to an audiobook while I’m at it. I find it a bit hard to find time to listen to audiobooks, but I think gym will be perfect for that. I’m listening to The Four Hour Work Week right now, it’s so inspiring!