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Girls night @ Manna La Roosa

Babes InnaKristinaKetter & Marleen behind the camera ♥

Photos by Marleen Muhuste

Edit by me

Hey guys! On Friday evening we were invited to Manna La Roosa for some snacks and cocktails. Seriously with these girls you can do no wrong! We had so much fun. Maybe a bit too much haha. The environment was so nice, all cocktails looked amazing and snacks were delicious. Perfect Friday night spot for sure. And the apple pie, omg I’m still dreaming about it, I have to go back for it for sure. I had such a great night with these girls, we’ve never hung out like this before but we definitely need to do that more often! Thank you so much Manna La Roosa for having us! And babe Marleen for these photos. Until next time girls x