Girl power

Anna, Fiorina, Nicola, Pia, Veronica and Malin + Janni behind the camera ♥

This is the whole girl crew! Boys were not allowed on our girl power photo haha. I’m just having breakfast right now with Veronica and Pascal, we are the last ones here. Everyone else left either last night or early in the morning today. We are going to the airport at 1 so we have two hours to chill and pack. So sad to leave, but we’ll see each other again for sure! The plan is to do a road trip in Norway in July and a new bootcamp (maybe surfing?) in August. Yesterday was soo much fun, we had a little pool party at Janni’s place and then went out for some drinks and ended up at a strip club hahha. Don’t ask. Okay I’ll better start packing now because I’m super slow. Talk to you later!