Daily life


Hey guuuys! It’s Friday night and I think I might go out for the first time in three months haha yay! Okay I did actually go out once in Marbella to a strip club but Luke said that it was so shit that it doesn’t count haha. I was just chatting with the bootcamp crew today on Whatsapp, we are planning to do a roadtrip in Norway this summer, I think I already told you guys that? Anywas how fun would that be with this crew ♥

Marleen is sleeping right now (as always) and I promised to go and buy skim milk before she wakes up so we can make matcha. I better go now because I have a feeling that she will be up soon haha. Talk to you later and whether you are staying in or going crazy in a club – have a mega awesome friday night ♥♥