Daily life


number10.jpg (1 of 1)-369   number10.jpg (1 of 1)-372Hey guys! Some photos from yesterday. I had a great day, I woke up at 4am because of jet lag and I was so productive. First I did some business research & answered lots of emails, I really want to create my own company and when it’s all done you guys will be first to know what it’s all about! I promise 😉  then I went for a yoga class with my mom, then I had matcha latte (oh my god I missed matcha so much, it gives me so much energy) *I’m actually drinking matcha right now as well while writing this post, here’s a tea shop right on my street and they make delicious matcha and I always have such a productive day when I have matcha. After the yoga class I cleaned the whole huge ass apartment, then I had a shower and walked my dog to the sushi place to pick up the sushi for the night. Then I washed my dog. And then my babe Kristiina came over with her baby for lots of girl talk ♥

I once heard about a business man who wakes up every morning at 4am and goes to bed at 9pm. And I thought that’s waay to early. But after yesterday I really want to wake up at 4 every morning. I love being productive. What do you guys think will I manage?

Today’s plans:

Take Instagram photos for god’s sake just do it already! I’m afraid that it’s too dark though, because it’s not as light outside as it was in the summer so I might have to buy a new studio light. Lunch with mom. More business research. Meet up with a friend?

Have a good day everyone! x