Friday night


IMG_8711My look for Friday night – went for a t-shirt dress from Saboskirt & thigh high heels (added a necklace + denim jacket later)

Good morning! Just woke up at my moms place, came here last night because Marleen was going out and I felt so sick so I didn’t want to be alone. Had probably the worst day of 2016 yesterday, I threw up like 15 times. I was hungover & sick at the same time. I don’t usually throw up from drinking and I drank 3 glasses of wine, so not too much I guess. But I think my body was too weak, I was getting sick anyway and shouldn’t gone out. I don’t even want to think about how I felt yesterday, ahh it was so bad! Don’t want to drink for a long time now, maybe not at all anymore. But we’ll see 😉

I feel a lot better now though but my throat hurts as much as it hurt after getting my tonsils removed, I can’t talk & eat. So I might have to go to the doctors later. Have a good day guys, I’ll try to rest a bit x