Fav skirt

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Hey guys! Have you heard of I amGia the label? You probably have because it’s all over Instagram, but if not go check them out they have the coolest stuff! Like my skirt hehe.

Anyways on another topic, I was a bit sad for a few days because I just couldn’t understand why things were not working out for me blogging wise. I had finally found a photographer who had enough free time to shoot a few times per week and everything was going great. Until he got evicted and went to do farm work. And here I am, without a photographer yet again. A small part of me started to question it all for a second, maybe I should give up blogging? But then I quickly realised that I would be the unhappiest person if I’d do so. I would never give up on a dream, as a hobby or as a job – this is what I love doing the most. And I know that everything has it’s ups and downs. So I’m thinking of starting taking outfit photos indoors again – like when I started on Instagram. My account was actually doing really well when I was posting these kind of photos and the best part is that I can rely on myself, not on a photographer. The only sad part is, that I can’t show you all these magical locations here in Australia, but at the same I’ve shot in so many beautiful places in Sydney and a part of me is excited to change it up. And when I’m back in Europe reunited with my dream team bestie I could start posting outdoors photos again. What do you think? ♥