Fall Inspo


Hey guys! I found this collage online and I love everything here, my favourite colours! I’m not really a dress-person, but I’ve started to like these everyday dresses, might buy a few in different colours to mix up with my favourite sneakers and a bomber/ leather jacket, perfect fall outfit. I was thinking about buying these shoes in France but ended up not buying and regretting it now haha. No I think I have enough sneakers for now, or do I?

I just came home from work, walked & played with my dog, had a smoothie on the way home and now I’m getting some blogging and emails done on the computer. I might have to go back to work later, but feels good to have a few hours on the couch :-). We shot some outfits with Marko before I left for France and the first one will be up tonight, so you can check back here a bit later! x