Daily life

Fall feelings


As I have said before, I pretty much hate every season except summer.. because where I live the weather is so bad, it’s cold and constantly raining which makes you not want to go out of the house at all. But, as I have to spend the fall and probably winter at home I decided that I will start loving other seasons too and I got so inspired while making this collage. Yes, I will not want to get out of the house but I guessΒ it’s time to actually enjoy it? Sleeping in, cozying up under warm blankets watching my favourite series or reading a book, taking a hot bath after coming home freezing, buying warm knits and cute ankle boots (whoops, did that today. Do you want to see what I got?), drinking hot chocolate and just enjoying this cozy time of the year.

I will also make a fall fashion inspo post soon! I will cozy up under the blanket now and start watching something on Netflix πŸ™‚ x