Daily life

DIY photo wall

   Hey guys! So as I have a home now I can decorate my room however I want to, I want my room to inspire me and calm me down when needed. I want it to be cozy and feel like me. I obviously don’t want to spend a lot of money on decorating so I’m trying to make my room look nice on a low budget. I’ll show you before and after photos when it’s all done! I started with this photo wall, the wall in my room was a bit cracked so I thought that covering it with photos that inspire me (just photos that I like, my favourite bloggers who inspired me to start a blog and some quotes I love) will make it look nicer and more ‘me’. I did half of the wall, I still have half to go but will do that tomorrow. It’s chill Sunday today to be honest I’m just so hungover hahha. We threw a little party infront of our place yesterday and then continued to some insane house parties, was a fun night!

Anyways I’m so so happy I have a home now, everything worked out so perfectly it’s insane. So I stayed in my friends Mitch’s room while he was in Sri Lanka for 2,5 weeks, this place is the best the whole time I thought how I’d love to live here, it’s so close to the beach and all flatmates are so nice. And one day one of the girls who lives here said that she’s going to move out, so the room became available and I moved in!! Could’ve not worked out any more perfectly, thank you universe!


I’m going to roll back on the couch now and continue with Gossip Girl, lazy Sunday it is!