Dinner @Wilshire

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHey! Remember when I told you guys that we are looking for a nice rooftop place to have dinner at? Well this is the place we chose and it was amazing! It wasn’t a rooftop place – it had a patio, but it was perfect. We loved the vibe, the food, the lights everywhere…ahh so nice! Hope you are not tired of LA posts, I have many more to come! 😉

Today I slept until 12 and I was so mad when I woke up, I hate waking up late because then I always have a headache and I just feel bad. So fun fact – I NEVER sleep without my alarm clock, ever! haha, weird right. Well it’s because I love my sleep and I would wake up 3pm every day haha..casual.

Anyways after having a lazy morning/afternoon I went to have lunch with my boyfriend (reunited for three days <3) and then we went to do some shopping & to the movies. I just got home, so I’m going to take some photos now and then I’m off to his place. I love it that we are pretty much neighbours, makes everything so much easier hehe. Have a good night guys x