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Crop top

Jeans – Black swallow boutique / Top – Pretty Little Thing / Shoes – Nike / Lace bralette – Na-Kd 

Hey guys! We shot these photos with Malin on one of the days in Marbella. It’s one of my favourite super easy and comfy looks – high waisted jeans + crop top + sneakers. Always works. I love crop tops and I have so many, when I came back from Australia to Estonian winter I discovered that I literally only had crop tops haha and needed to buy some normal shirts. But crop tops are so cute, I can’t wait for summer to wear them! The fact that summer is coming makes me so happy inside.

My dog is already sleeping in my bed so I should close my computer now and go to sleep too. I’ll try to wake up early tomorrow as well, I feel so much more productive & I have more energy if I wake up early. Nighty night x