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Couch potato & lip update

photo-on-10-12-16-at-11-51 photo-on-10-12-16-at-11-51-2Helloo from a couch potato! I’ve been so lazy today but I guess it’s because I went out last night and got home at 5 am haha, but it was so much fun, I even had a glass of wine πŸ˜‰ Anyways today has consisted of a gossip girl marathon followed byΒ a little walk down atΒ the beach, super lazy day butΒ after all that’s whatΒ Sundays are for right?

Anyways yesterday marked 2 weeks since I got my lips done which means that they are completely healed now! Don’t mind my no-make-up-super-sad-face on the second photo but I wanted to show you how my lips look like without smiling etc. I’m super happy with the result, it looks so natural that if I tell people that I’ve gotten my lips done everyone says that they would’ve never guessed it and that’s exactly what I wanted. It’s such a good feeling when you have thought about doing something for a really long time, finally do it and then you’re super happy with it – that’s exactly how I feel.Β I haven’t told my mom that I got mine done, but I’m 100% sure that when I go home she won’tΒ even notice hahaha. Anyways as I already said I am super happy I did it, the difference is quite minimal but it’s everything I wanted. I got 1ml for everyone asking πŸ™‚