Comfy look


Jacket – Zara / Jeans – River Island / T-shirt – Kookai / Sneakers – Nike Huarache

Good morning guys! I just had breakfast, I made this, it’s so good I literally have had it for breakfast for the past 2-3 weeks. I’m so happy I’ve been eating healthy lately, I love eating healthy but sometimes I just get off the track. Right now I can’t even remember the last time I ate meat?! Not saying that meat isn’t healthy but I definitely feel better when I don’t eat it. Not eating meat isn’t hard for me though, I hate the taste of beef and I can’t even stand eating chicken anymore so I only rarely eat fish. I want to find some good vegetarian recipes on Pineterest and recreate them, I think it would be fun to find some new cool recipes 🙂 I like easy recipes though because I suck at cooking haha.

Anyways above is a comfy look from last week, jeans – t-shirt – leather jacket – sneakers, always works. I’m off to the shops with my mom now, we have to find a gift for my brother who has his 35th birthday today! 🙂