Daily life

Chill days

Photos from a shoot I did for Cupshe

Heey :-)) I’m writing this while there’s the craziest storm I’ve ever seen outside. Moments like this always make me think how happy and grateful I am to have a home, to be warm, to have a bed to sleep in. Because so many people don’t and it makes me sad to think about people who are outside when the weather is like this because they don’t have a place to go 🙁

Anyways the past days have been very relaxed, both Friday and Saturday we had a flatmates movie night. Funny how during summer no one was ever home, this place was empty all weekends and now that the weather is bad everyones home and not leaving the couch haha. I think it’s cozy. I’m happy to relax before the Estonian summer crazyness.

I’m going to try to sleep with this crazy storm now. I have a fun modelling job in North Sydney tomorrow so need to be up early! Night xx