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    Fav skirt

    ย Find my skirtย here


    Hey guys! Have you heard of I amGia the label? You probably have because it’s all over Instagram, but if not go check them out they have the coolest stuff! Like my skirt hehe.

    Anyways on another topic, I was a bit sad for a few days because I just couldn’t understand why things were not working out for me blogging wise. I had finally found a photographer who had enough free time to shoot a few times per week and everything was going great. Until he got evicted and went to do farm work. And here I am, without a photographer yet again. A small part of me started to question it all for a second, maybe I should give up blogging? But then I quickly realised that I would be the unhappiest person if I’d do so. I would never give up on a dream, as a hobby or as a job – this is what I love doing the most. And I know that everything has it’s ups and downs. So I’m thinking of starting taking outfit photos indoors again – like when I started on Instagram. My account was actually doing really well when I was posting these kind of photos and the best part is that I can rely on myself, not on a photographer. The only sad part is, that I can’t show you all these magical locations here in Australia, but at the same I’ve shot in so many beautiful places in Sydney and a part of me is excited to change it up. And when I’m back in Europe reunited with my dream team bestie I could start posting outdoors photos again. What do you think?ย โ™ฅ





    Hi from Viljandi! I came here last night for the folk festival, another festival haha I even feel a bit weird writing here that I’m at a festival again. But it’s fuun! Anyways I’m going to go out now and take some photos :-)) have a lovely day everyone! xx


    Bday prep

    Hey guysss!! SO sorry for not blogging these two days, it has been a bit hectic but so fun. More about that later, right now it’s time to get ready for my bday!! My actual bday is on 11th but I’m celebrating today with a nice Sunday sesh. I bought a bunch of golden balloons, set up a beer pong table and now I’m blogging from the car, on my way to get my makeup done, then I’ll get dressed and it’s time to party! I’ll make sure to take loots of photos love you guys xoxo


    Get to know me

    Coffee or Tea? I’d say Matcha, I don’t drink coffee and I’m not really a tea person as well. But Matcha on the other hand ๐Ÿ˜‰ (edit: I just realised that Matcha is actually a tea, so I guess I’m a tea person after all)

    What’s your favourite piece of clothing you own? My favourite item actually changes all the time, when I buy something new it’s going to be my favourite until I wear it a 1000 times and get tired of it. If I think about it then I’d say my favourite item at the moment is a pink long coat from Misspap. No, actually it’s a mesh top I’ve been wearing under tops. I love it so much. Oh god, I clearly just can not pick only one item.

    What would your perfect room look like? Ah I can’t wait to buy all new interior for my apartment! But it has to wait a bit. Right now my room is so boring, I colored my walls white so I could take photos against a white wall and put grey floors. My dream room would have rusty white floors and white walls, a huge bed, a NY rooftop loft kinda style. Focus on little details. Maybe some wooden, marble and rose gold details. A huge chair. Some faux fur. Just cozy.

    What job would you be terrible at? Um I think accounting or a math teacher. I suck at these kinds of things. Honestly math was so hard for me, I even used to have a private math teacher but I was still failing hahaha. Thank god I don’t have to study math ever again in my life.

    What is the most annoying habit that people have? It’s not a habit I guess but negativity and moodiness. I loose motivation when I’m around negative people.

    What’s your favourite drink? Lemon water. I barely ever drink anything else.

    Are you usually early or late? I’m always late but you guys probably already know that haha. I’m such a time optimist. I think I’ve been early 2-3 times in my life and that has happened when I thought I’m late but actually messed up the time and ended up being early.

    What are some small things that make your day better? Small talk. I know a lot of people hate small talk but I love it. A super nice couple asking me about my dog and then we wish each other a good day. A smart business man who sits next to me on a plane and talks about his job. These 10 minutes of chatting with the girl who does my eyebrows. These little things. Talking to happy and positive people always give me so much energy

    But also: hot baths, good motivational books, a good outfit, good photos, a warm cup of matcha.

    Introvert or extrovert? When I’m home in Estonia I’m definitely more of an introvert. I spend a lot of time on my computer and mostly hang out with my best friend and some other really close friends. Somehow I get into that comfort zone of not really wanting to be around people too often.ย Where’s in Australia I’m a complete extrovert and meeting new people feels like the best thing I know.

    Do you regret anything? I regeret not continueing school for one semester from this February to June. I had enough free time so I could’ve done it. But I’m not mad at myself for not doing it, I guess that’s the way it was supposed to go. I will continue school in a year or two.

    Oh and also taking a paper to school 3 months too late and now having to pay โ‚ฌ990 for it. God damn Lucy.

    What do you hope never changes? My positivity, even on the saddest days I’m not really sad. Even if I feel down, I’m not down in a negative place. Even if I’m very sad for a day, the next day I see positivity. I feel like I’ve found some kind of inner piece and happiness. I’m the happiest when I’m not in Estonia, for some reason that’s how it is. But I’m still not sad here, I know that at the moment I have to be here and soon I can travel the world again and live in exciting places and do exciting things. What I do makes me really happy.

    What’s the best way a person can spend their time? Relaxing or educating.

    Where would you rather be from? From Australia so I could live there without any visa problems :-)))))

    What are you looking forward to in the coming months? Moving away and focusing 1000% on what I love to do the most. Blogging, meeting new people and just living. It’s going to be either LA or Sydney

    What is something you are self-concious about? I wish I had longer legs. I’m short (163cm) and I like being a midget haha but I just wish my legs were a little bit longer

    What makes a good life? Passion, laughter, love

    What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?ย Let your thoughts be thoughts.ย Your mind can produce even the craziest thoughts and fears. Don’t be identified with your mind. Just observe your thoughts, don’t run away with them. Let them come and go, don’t push them away.ย Live in the present moment, because the present moment is all you’ll ever have.