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    Surfers paradise

    Right after arriving to this beautiful hotel I took a relaxing bath with ocean views πŸ™‚

    The hotel we are staying at – Peppers soul surfers paradise

    Right in front of our hotel, the beach is literally just across the road. And if we take the elevator from our hotel to the 1st floor we are right in the centre of a shopping street. Perfect location I must say hahaOur room. Or more like an apartment, we have a big kitchen, living room, two bathrooms, 1 bedroom and a huge balcony. So freaking nice!! Really going to enjoy it to the max.

    We arrived here yesterday and just chilled all day. This place is like mini Miami haha, huge skyscrapers right in front of the beach, so cool. Now we are getting ready and about to go out and get something to eat. It’s really hard to get some good real food here, all they sell is fast food – burgers, kebabs and so on. Really craving for something healthy so let’s hope we will find some! Β πŸ™‚ have a good day guys xx


    Braids x outfit

    Hey guys! Here’s a little outfit throwback to Sydney. I’m so in love with this leather jacket! It goes with everything – jeans, skirts, dresses. Such a perfect piece, I think about 5 people have came up to me on the streets and asked me where I got it haha. And a lot of you guys have asked me the name of this jacked but I can’t find it online πŸ™ It should still be in the stores though, I bought it like 2-3 weeks ago. I wrote so much about this jacket but the truth is that it’s right now in the bathroom and I didΒ put loads of soap on it, we went to a party yesterdayΒ and the lady who gave us the red party stamps accidentally stamped my jacket πŸ™ oh welll, I hope I’ll get the stains out! Love x


    Byron Bay snapshots

    Oh Byron bay! Such a cool place. So chill and a bit of a “hipster” city. Three days here have gone so fast, what have we done? Driving to cool places, eating ice cream, walking trough little streets and checking out the little shops here and of course eating amazing food.Β We went out on our first night here and the nightlife is amazing! We danced all night long. Only thing we weren’t lucky with was the weather, it’s super windy and raining. But we enjoyed our stay anyway. Now it’s time to hit up Gold Coast! And then Brisbane. I’m ready for some city life πŸ˜‰ and shopping! Talk to you later guys, hope you are having an amazing day x


    Sunrise @ Bondi beach

    Sunrise @Bondi beachIn Sydney I stayed in Bondi and I absolutely fell in love with that place. It’s so laid back, people walk barefoot with their surfboards in their hands, healthy cafes everywhere – acai bowls, smoothies, banana pancakes. Everyone has a dog. Everyone works out. Ahh such good vibes! Definitely a place where I could live in the future. Anyway one morning we decided to get up at 5AM (it was hard to get up haha, I love sleeping) but it was soo worth it!! Look at how beautiful the sunset was, surfers were going in to the water to catch the first waves of the day, people were walking their dogs, cafes were opening up. I love waking up early and literally seeing the world wake up. After the sunrise we went to a cafe nearby to have some brekky. It was a great morning ????