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    En route

    En route to the pool party! We took Luke’s car (he rented a car so he could get around because he thought that there will be only old people in the resort, until he met us haha) and went trough a grocery shop to buy some snacks and drinks for Janni’s pool party. A post about the party coming up next! 🙂 x

    Training, Travel

    Janni’s bootcamp

    Good morning guys! I thought I’d post some photos of our last workout in Marbella! It was the toughest workout because it was so hot outside but we killed it!! Janni’s bootcamp was SO MUCH FUN. We all just clicked so well and I already miss everyone. We definitely have to do it again! We usually had 3-4 workouts each day (circuit training, yoga, pilates, core workout, hiking etc) and brunch, snacks and dinner all together. Free time was spent just chatting, laying by the pool. playing boardgames or drinking wine. All the people, the trainers and staff were so nice and it felt like family. I’m so happy I went to the bootcamp and met all the amazing people ♥︎

    I got so used to having cameras around all the time which I  think it’s really good, we were filmed all the time, either it was Jon, Janni, the hotel or Pascal filming for his vlogs. Some swedish people came to film our last work out as well as you can see! 🙂 super fun though and I pushed extra hard when they were filming hahha, doing it for the camera you know. Work it girl. Okay I’m going to get my ass up now and get this day started! The sun is shining! Have a nice day xx


    little update

     My swimsuit is from Private Party

    Hey guys! I just arrived to Frankfurt airport and I’m boarding a flight to Estonia in 10 minutes. I literally ran out of the plane because I really needed to charge my computer before jumping on the next flight. Editing photos on the plane is the best thing I know and time goes super fast. The flight was so turbulent, you could literally feel the wind while sitting on the plane but I was still somehow calm. And I had the whole row to myself again! I have the best tip for you guys if you’d like to sit alone and stretch your legs, that’s something I always do – be the last person to board the plane and then ask if the flight is fully booked, if they say no then go to the back and there’s always free rows. I’ve scored the best seats on all my latest flights!

    I just left my computer charging and asked a stranger to watch it so I could buy some food and realised that I’m very comfortable leaving my stuff with strangers haha. But I guess you can tell if a person is honest or not 🙂 btw this photo is from yesterday when we hung out at Janni’s place. I have so many more photos to post! I’m thinking about changing my Instagram feed and post photos like this there as well – what do you think? I’ve been thinking about it a lot but at the same time I like how my feed looks right now as well. But this is more personal? Please tell me what would you prefer 🙂 got to board the flight now xx


    Girl power

    Anna, Fiorina, Nicola, Pia, Veronica and Malin + Janni behind the camera ♥

    This is the whole girl crew! Boys were not allowed on our girl power photo haha. I’m just having breakfast right now with Veronica and Pascal, we are the last ones here. Everyone else left either last night or early in the morning today. We are going to the airport at 1 so we have two hours to chill and pack. So sad to leave, but we’ll see each other again for sure! The plan is to do a road trip in Norway in July and a new bootcamp (maybe surfing?) in August. Yesterday was soo much fun, we had a little pool party at Janni’s place and then went out for some drinks and ended up at a strip club hahha. Don’t ask. Okay I’ll better start packing now because I’m super slow. Talk to you later!