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    Hey guys!ย I’ve been on such a high the past days, I’ve always been happy but right now feel like I’m in the right place country wise and it’s just an amazing feeling being here. I want to talk about everything that has happened to me the past few days since I started reading a new book, but I’ll do that tomorrow and right now I’ll just write about what I did today.

    So I met up with Gabe for the second time, I grabbed my notebook, we got tea & coffee on the road and headed to the beach to sit by the sea on the rocks. We talked a lot about social media and Instagram and wrote down a bunch of photoย ideas that we want to do. After sitting, talking and watching the waves we headed to mine, we had lunch here, edited photos and meditated. Gabe is such an amazing person, since I met him on the internet I always hoped he’d be nice and mostly hoped that he would be motivated and driven to do all this social media thing together, but he’s so much more than that. He goes to the gym even when he hasn’t slept the whole night, he has meditated for 19 years, he works with these huge companies like for example Sony. He motivates me to do more, to be better, to go to the gym even when I’m tired, to meditate etc. I feel like we really clicked and I’m so happy I’ve made a new friend.

    Now I’m going to get dressed and head out for dinner, talk to you tomorrow (I promise!) x



    Our two hour hike up to the mountainsย 

    The hike was super fun, at first it was really hard but then we put onย some music and danced our way up ๐Ÿ˜‰ always nice when you have good company, I miss these guys so much!

    I just woke up so I’m still in bed, going to make some breakfast now and then we are going to check out some shops with Marleen. We need to find some outfits for photoshoots for me and also for her brother. Should be fun! Shopping is always fun haha. Have a good Sunday guys xx

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    Crop top

    Jeans – Black swallow boutique / Top – Pretty Little Thing / Shoes – Nike / Lace bralette – Na-Kdย 

    Hey guys! We shot these photos with Malinย on one of the days in Marbella. It’s one of my favourite super easy and comfy looks – high waisted jeans + crop top + sneakers. Always works. I love crop tops and I have so many, when I came back from Australia to Estonian winter I discovered that I literally only had crop tops haha and needed to buy some normal shirts. But crop tops are so cute, I can’t wait for summer to wear them! The fact that summer is coming makes me so happy inside.

    My dog is already sleeping in my bed so I should close my computer now and go to sleep too. I’ll try to wake up early tomorrow as well, I feel so much more productive & I have more energyย if I wake up early. Nighty night x



    Pool party part 2

    A bunch of mixed photos from the pool partyย โ™ฅ๏ธŽ

    Morning guys! I’m still in bed, but I will get some breakfast after posting this. I woke up so tired today although I went to sleep quite early. So my brain doesn’t really work right now haha. Not at all actually, first time when I don’t know what to write. So I’ll keep this short and have some breakfast to wake me up! Oh I started using Sonia Tlevย meal plan a while ago and I love it, I feel so good and full at all times. When I came home from Australia I had no idea what to eat, I was so used to the foods there but didn’t find these items here so I was super lost and decided to go for a meal plan and I’m super happy I did!ย It has lots of diary products in there (it’s a high protein meal plan) and I used to hate diary but it actually suits me really well. I use the meal plan together with her workout guides (I’ve used her workout guides on and off for 2 years) I think I’ve completed two 12 week rounds within that time but then stopped at some point. Anyways I really recommend it! I guess I came up with something to write anyways haha. Now breakfast!