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    Friday night

      I’m wearing pants from Mistressrocks & Whitefoxboutique top & Boohoo heels & Lovisa earrings & MY NEW BAG!!!!!

    We went to this beer company’s event on Friday night, it was so cool and different. The vibe was like ‘hip hop block party’ and it was awesome! I’ve never had this much beer in my life before haha, I felt like dying yesterday and Lauren wants go to out again tonight because it’s my last weekend and I’m like…dead. I can’t do the whole weekend anymore, I can party one night and then need to rest for a week haha. But it’s so freaking cool to do this here and get invited to these cool events etc. Ah ♥



    Fashion Week: Saboskirt show

    Totally forgot to post these photos from the Saboskirt show! It was such an honour to get invited ♥ Big thanks to Prem the label for dressing me! I loved my outfit!

    I can not believe I’m flying home on Tuesday..I’ll be back in a few months, but it’s still such a bittersweet feeling. I know I’ll have the best time at home, I miss my friends and family and summer with them sounds amazing but at the same time I’m so sad to leave Australia, I really love it here. But I’ll be back in a few months when it’s nice and warm again :-)))) yayy


    Palm beach

    Some photos of our Saturday adventure. We took the bus to Palm beach (that’s where Home and Away was filmed), did the hike to the top, then jumped into the water straight after (btw it was amazing to swim in calm water, Bondi is such a surfers beach you can’t go for a swim without almost dying haha), then lay on the sand for a bit and had food at Wholefoods before we catched the bus back. Such a nice day out in the nature! I love spending time in nature and this place was breathtaking. Bed time for me now, it’s almost midnight. Good night xx



    We went on a little adventure with Lauren today! It was so much fun, here are some phone snaps you probably saw on my story, I will make a proper blog post about the trip tomorrow. Now it’s time for sleeep, it’s 9.30pm on a Saturday night and Lucy is in bed ready for sleep. Granny mode on. No but honestly being in the sun, swimming etc makes you feel so tired, relaxed and happy. It’s like the feeling you get when you’re stepping out of a spa. Definitely don’t want to ruin that zen feeling with partying, so early night it is and gym tomorrow morning! 🙂 I hope you guys are well xx