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    Workout routine

    I know so many people have asked me for this and I’ve kept postponing it for a while because it just feels a bit complicated to put it all into words, but let’s try!

    I used to be skinny fat so skinny but lots of fat on my stomach pretty much and the flattest ass. I’ve always been active since I was a kid but I’d say 2 years ago I started taking fitness more seriously. I completed this program and LOVED IT. I think I completed that program almost twice, it helped me to grow some bum and get more toned. After this I started doing short 10 minute booty workouts (exercises from that program) 3 times per week and I went on long walks twice per week. That was kind of what I was I did for a year. Nothing too much but helped me grow my bum some more and kept me active.

    When I came to Sydney I decided to buy a gym program and started training with weights. I bought this program and I’m currently on week 5 (I started so many times, completed week 1 or 1 and 2 and then got off the track..started again etc) but now for the past 5 weeks I’ve been really good. For the first 2 weeks I only did leg workouts 3 times per week and walked for an hour 2 times per week. But now I also started doing core workouts from the program so I do 3 leg workouts, 2 core workouts and also try to go for an hour long walk every morning or every other morning. I do not do arm & back workouts from the program, only legs and core! I work out almost everyday, sometimes twice per day – walk in the morning and gym in the evening. And now I’m really seeing results! Just doing leg workouts was good but now that I also train core and go on walks and eat super healthy (I try to have one cheat day per week which is usually Sunday when I eat whatever I want the whole day but sometimes I party, drink alcohol etc. I think everything is fine in moderation) I feel like I really see results and I feel so strong.

    The program I bought is phase 2, so it’s meant for people who have already completed phase 1, but the guy behind the program told me to just get the phase 2 and just adjust it. So I just do less sets, for example if there’s an exercise that needs to be done 4 times I always do 3.

    I’ve been feeling so motivated for the past month or so, I really want to look the best I’ve ever looked and be the healthiest I’ve ever been. Also I’m thinking of getting into modelling once I’m back in Sydney so that’s something that’s keeping me motivated as well. I’m a bit scared of the European summer but I’ll try my best to stay on track! Working out is AMAZING, nothing beats the feeling after a workout. The feeling when you look into the mirror after being consistent seeing results. Love your body and your body will love you back! xx



    Some old mixed photos :-))



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    Janni’s bootcamp

    Good morning guys! I thought I’d post some photos of our last workout in Marbella! It was the toughest workout because it was so hot outside but we killed it!! Janni’s bootcamp was SO MUCH FUN. We all just clicked so well and I already miss everyone. We definitely have to do it again! We usually had 3-4 workouts each day (circuit training, yoga, pilates, core workout, hiking etc) and brunch, snacks and dinner all together. Free time was spent just chatting, laying by the pool. playing boardgames or drinking wine. All the people, the trainers and staff were so nice and it felt like family. I’m so happy I went to the bootcamp and met all the amazing people ♥︎

    I got so used to having cameras around all the time which I  think it’s really good, we were filmed all the time, either it was Jon, Janni, the hotel or Pascal filming for his vlogs. Some swedish people came to film our last work out as well as you can see! 🙂 super fun though and I pushed extra hard when they were filming hahha, doing it for the camera you know. Work it girl. Okay I’m going to get my ass up now and get this day started! The sun is shining! Have a nice day xx

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    Vlog from Sunday

    Hey guys! Here’s Jon’s vlog from Sunday so you can see a bit better what’s going on here 🙂 We had a circuit workout in the morning (where I slept in and arrived 30 mins later haha), then a stretching session followed by a Yoga class. I forced Arnie to come to Yoga with me and I spent half of the time laughing at him haha. It was so fun to have the boys around, such cool people! Luckily Janni is feeling better now so she hang out with the team more as well. She can’t do any workouts as she’s on antibiotics but it’s good that she’s feeling better! Tomorrow we are all going out for dinner and drinks which is going to be super fun. I’m going to rest now for bit and then I’ll get ready for dinner 🙂 x


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    Circuit workout

        Hey guys! Quickly posting some photos from yesterday morning’s circuit workout. My favourite workout! I think it’s super fun because you move around all the time, do different excercises, the music is playing and everyone’s cheering for one another. My muscels are so sore though haha.

    Okay time to get ready and go to the city now. We have a rest day today which means only pilates in the morning and yoga in the evening, no circuit workout. So we have some free time, the boys went on a road trip and girls are going to explore city! I thought I’d Snapchat the trip but I just want to enjoy the moments rather than being on my phone all the time. But I take loots of photos 🙂 Okay gotta go! x