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    New in + update

    … When you’re a shortie haha. I needed new sneakers as I came here with only 1 pair of trainers, well 2 but I gave my Vans sneakers to Diane in the airport because my suitcase was overweight and I thought that I don’t want to carry them in my carry on luggage. I did regret it for a second when I got here and found out that I only have 1 pair of beige sneakers that don’t go with everything, but the solution was to go shopping haha and I got these! Do you think they are weird haha? They’re really different with a platform, but look good with both shorts and dresses, so I think I’m going to wear these a lot. They also make me a little bit taller which is always a win hehe.

    Anyways I think I’m finally over this all jet lag thing, yesterday was the first time I had the energy to meet up with someone, we had pizza at the best pizza place ever that I actually missed so much haha. After that we took a walk and I ran into Christine (I lived with her for 3 months when I was here the last time) who was walking Ralphy, she didn’t see me at first but I called Ralphy and he recognized me and ran to me and gave me the best puppy kisses. That was such a sweet moment, it feels like home when you run into people on the streets.

    Today is a beach day, I will finish off this post and meet up with some friends at the beach. I don’t have a lot planned for tomorrow, but probably beach and in the evening I’m going to go over to Christine’s for a glass of wine at catch up. And on Monday I’m going to meet up with Gabe! He’s going to be my photographer here and I haven’t met him yet but he seems like the nicest person, he offered to go and buy groceries together on Monday so he can help me to carry all the bags home – too sweet. And later we are going to grab lunch at Icebergs. So excited for everything! I will try to get back to this daily blogging thing from now on that I’m all settled in here.

    Time for beach now! x


    New favourite

    Link to this jacket here

    Some better photos of my new favourite jacket! It also has fringes in the back, what I like about this jacket is that it’s not a regular fringe leather jacket, but it has crystals on it which makes it a bit sparkly and super cool :-)) this is definitely a really special piece in my closet. I usually don’t like to spend too much money on clothes and rarely buy anything too expensive, so I was really thinking if I should buy this but I couldn’t get it off my mind. It will look super cool either casually worn with jeans or paired with a girly dress. I’m going to wear this a lot! :-))


    Perfect winter jackets

    Perfect winter jackets

     1. here / 2. here / 3. here / 4. here / 5. here / 6. here
    I started looking around for a winter jacket yesterday, well not proper winter as I won’t be here for so long but let’s be honest Estonian winter starts in 2 weeks haha. When I was in Australia I saw a super similar jacket as on the 4th photo in H&M, I asked my mom to check if they have it in stores in Estonia as it would have been difficult to fit this jacket into my already overpacked suitcase. My mom went to check and said that they didn’t have this jacket. Later I started seeing all the bloggers wear it on Instagram and I was so sad I didn’t get it. Well now I have the chance :-)) this one looks identical to the one in H&M. I also love the pink jacket on the 5th photo. I feel like I need these two jackets in my life they look so cozy! Although I’d love to get them ALL. I’m all about cozy jackets at the moment. Which ones are your faves? xx

    Which ones?


    Hey guys! I was up until 3am last night watching Girl Boss, that’s what I was talking about, I knew this would happen haha. Anyways I made it to my doctor’s appointment this morning to find out that I have bronchitis, at least it’s not a chest infection so I guess I will be alright hehe :-)) I will stay at home and try to rest and get better, I’m going to celebrate my birthday later this week which means I havee to get better! 
    Oh and about the post, so I want new summer sneakers but can’t decide which ones?!? I love the ones on the left, they’re on sale in Sportland for €67 if I remember correctly, so I could start wearing these right away. But I also really like the white ones on the right, they’re maybe a bit more different and special. But I would have to order these online which means waiting for at least a week and these seem be sold out pretty much everywhere. Which ones should I get?