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    Weird bags love

    1. here / 2. here / 3. here / 4. here / 5. here

    I have an obsession with weird bags, I think all of these bags look so cool and make every outfit look a bit extra. I ordered nr 1 and 3 but low key want them all, so pretty to wear with a dress or just with a simple outfit like denim shorts and a t-shirt. Also Fashion Week is next week, so that’s the main reason I ordered these! I don’t have any nice bags, I just realised that I’ve been using the same here Gina Tricot bag for a year and the same Zara backpack here for what like 2 years? Haha very glamorous. So yeah it was definitely time to freshen up my bag wardrobe :-)) do you like these kind of bags?



    Party outfit

    Untitled #37
    Both dresses are from Lioness
    I got invited to Bondi Sands new product launch boat party! Such a freaking dream, I remember last year seeing all these bloggers upload photos from the event and thinking ah I wish I could go to an event like that and now I’m actually invited and going! A dream. I can’t wait to see all my fav bloggers hehe, I already saw photos on Instagram..everyone’s flying in for the party from all over the world! Crazy. So now to the problem..what to wear haha, I want to go for something girly which is different for me, but I feel like it would be cute for a boat party. I’m thinking about ordering both of these outfits and then just returning the one I wont wear. What do you think? I’m so excited for the party!! x

    New in

    Beah vibes
    What I ordered from The Naked Tiger today! I’ve been eyeing this brand on Insta for so long and you’ve probably seen both of these outfits all over insta haha. But I think they’re so cute and beachy! I wouldn’t wear these on the street but as I live next to the beach it’s perfect. A part of me just ordered this stuff for cute insta pics hahaha, let’s be real. I’m going to sleep now, I’m so tired after a full day of work & gym. Btw I started training with weights (which is something I thought I’d never do) and I’m actually loving it so far! I’ve had the same workout routine for 2 years, so feels good to finally have mixed things up and I’m super motivated.
    Good night! x

    I got a new camera!

    My new Sony a7rii + 35mm lens ♥♥♥

    Hey guys! I received my new camera today and I’m SO HAPPY. The perfect way to start a new year! I’ve used my Nikon D750 for all my photos and it’s amazing, the only reason I wanted a new one was the size. The Nikon is huge so I never really took it with me when I was out and about, I always felt like it was too big to carry around and I dreamt of a small camera that would be as good but half the size. I always thought I’d get a Leica Q but everyone kept telling me that this Sony one is much better (and cheaper). After reading countless of reviews and comparisons I decided to go with the Sony. It’s so small and lightweight, so far I love it and I can not wait to start using it. I’ll keep you guys updated on my thoughts! I’m sure I’ll love it, I’m so happy.