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    PLT favourites

    1. Oversized t-shirt here. I would wear this with big white chunky sneakers and a bum bag with cycling shorts underneath

    2. One piece here, I don’t have anything like this and it’s quite bold but I think it’s so cool. I’d style this the same, chunky sneakers and a white bum bag!  3. These heels here are the perfect party heels I think, I hate uncomfortable shoes when partying that’s why I try to always go for platform heels – so much more comfortable! I’d wear these with a white dress, gold accessories and a tan! Or denim shorts and a white crop top!

    4. These sunnies here! I used to never wear sunglasses, in Australia I bought my first pair of sunnies and now I’m getting more and more obsessed with sunglasses

    5. I would style this set with big chunky sneakers and my LV backpack! Jacket here & shorts here

    6. Another pair of sunnies, obsessed here

     7. This is not something I’d usually wear to the beach but I feel like it would be perfect for a pool party in Ibiza. Still can’t believe I’m going to celebrate my birthday in Ibiza!! Bikini top here & bottoms here

    8. I need this dress and shoes for Ibizaaa

    9 & 10 another Ibiza outfit I need! Swimsuit here, hat here10. Here I love a good oversized light denim shirt, it’s also really nice to just tie it around your waist or wear it over a bikini on holiday

    11. The perfect basic white crop here, I’d wear this with sweatpants, skirts, jeans etc. Also under oversized jackets.

    Here are some of my faves from PLT, I was browsing their website trying to find some stuff to take with me to Ibiza but now I feel like I found too many things I like, I definitely can’t buy everything. This not even everything that is in my cart right now haha, but these are my favourites! PLT is so cheap in Australia, everything is always 50% off but it’s a bit more expensive in Europe :(( still cheaper than Zara etc but just more expensive than in Australia. I lovee cheap clothes haha. Bed time now so sleepy! Nighty night x


    My jewellery story pt. 2

    I love love love these earrings and the necklace! I’ve been wearing this combo for the past few days, so cute. It’s also cool to just wear one earring if you have 3 piercings like me :-)) Another favourite, soo nice with a ponytail or hair on one side!   Love layering cute small necklaces ♥

    And bracelets!   This ring and two shiny necklaces together are so beautiful. I’m really loving silver jewellery lately and these three are right up my alley 🙂


    All the jewellery is from MYJS, I recommend having a look everything is so beautiful and affordable! xx


    Party outfit

    Untitled #37
    Both dresses are from Lioness
    I got invited to Bondi Sands new product launch boat party! Such a freaking dream, I remember last year seeing all these bloggers upload photos from the event and thinking ah I wish I could go to an event like that and now I’m actually invited and going! A dream. I can’t wait to see all my fav bloggers hehe, I already saw photos on Instagram..everyone’s flying in for the party from all over the world! Crazy. So now to the problem..what to wear haha, I want to go for something girly which is different for me, but I feel like it would be cute for a boat party. I’m thinking about ordering both of these outfits and then just returning the one I wont wear. What do you think? I’m so excited for the party!! x

    New in

    Beah vibes
    What I ordered from The Naked Tiger today! I’ve been eyeing this brand on Insta for so long and you’ve probably seen both of these outfits all over insta haha. But I think they’re so cute and beachy! I wouldn’t wear these on the street but as I live next to the beach it’s perfect. A part of me just ordered this stuff for cute insta pics hahaha, let’s be real. I’m going to sleep now, I’m so tired after a full day of work & gym. Btw I started training with weights (which is something I thought I’d never do) and I’m actually loving it so far! I’ve had the same workout routine for 2 years, so feels good to finally have mixed things up and I’m super motivated.
    Good night! x