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    Why am I moving to Australia?

    I haven’t really talked about my future plans here and the reason why is that my plans always kept changing, I felt like I wrote something here and then a week later that plan was a history and I already had a new one and so on. I’m the dreamer kind a girl, I hop on every opportunity, and if you do so you’ll soon find out that some things don’t work out which in the end only means that it wasn’t the right plan for you. Everything happens for a reason, I’m never sad when a plan doesn’t go the way I wanted to – I always think that this is exactly how it was meant to go and this will guide me to something better. To something that’s perfect for me.

    I had a plan to move to LA with my best friend, when that didn’t work out we thought about moving to London, as this also didn’t work out I thought about going to New York for a few months and now I will go to Australia. All alone. And I’m so incredibly happy and excited about it. This is where I’m supposed to go I guess, so thank you universe for guiding me here. I already have my visa so there’s no turning back. It’s happening.

    Why am I going?

    Okay I live in Estonia, if you are from here you might agree with what I say, or you don’t. Either way this is how I see things. Summer is amazing, the days are super long, white nights, friends, events, good weather (good weather for Estonia. But if you’re from a sunny country you would say that the weather is.. horrible?) anyways us, Estonians really appreciate these rare sunny days we have in the summer. Estonian summer is great – if you make it great for yourself, it’s a happy-bubble. But when the summer is over it starts raining, it’s dark, cold, people are in a bad mood and grumpy, love is rare and the joy disappears like the wind. I’m very easily affected by the weather, when it’s nice and sunny and bright outside I feel so motivated and happy. When it’s dark and rainy, I’m not sad but I feel different inside. Also one of the reasons is blogging, I could take great photos there with beautiful surroundings, here it’s been raining for 5 days so that’s why I don’t have any new content. And it makes me sad because all I want to do is blog and take photos. I also already work with Australian brands and I have a management in Australia, which is great. My ideal life would be living somewhere sunny and coming home for every summer to see family and friends, go to festivals and have fun. And I should live my dream life, right? What’s the point of living otherwise? I have a soul that craves adventure, new people, new situations, new surroundings, experiencing everything, learning and growth. I want my life to be exciting. I want my life to be an adventure. I want to live out of my comfort zone.

    Why am I going alone?

    At first I was a bit sad about this, I used  to live in Australia with my best friend Marleen for 6 months and we had the freaking time of our lives. This time she’s not coming but I’m actually really proud of her for making this decision for herself. You always have to make these decisions for yourself and not for anyone else. Although I kept asking her to change her mind, she stayed true to herself which is great. Right now she needs to focus on herself and she is doing really well with photography in Estonia and she’s just not ready to step out of that bubble. So yes I’m going by myself, but of course it isn’t the same as moving to a new country alone as I have already been there twice, for 6 months in total. I know that I love it there, I know that it’s my happy place, I know in which area I want to live in, I have friends there who I can’t wait to visit, my aunt moved there now and the rest of my Italian family lives a three hour flight away in New Zealand, I haven’t spent much time with them at all (if you read my blog you know that I saw them for the first time in 7 years in the beginning of this year) so it will be amazing to connect with them even more and have them so close. It’s like a home away from home, that actually feels more like home than my actual home.. if that makes sense. It’s the most beautiful country in the world and the feeling inside of me when I’m there is pure happiness. Of course there will be ups and downs, ups and downs will occur wherever you live and whatever you do, it’s life. At least I will be living in a beautiful place where I can deal with these situations. Australia is a beautiful place for me, it makes me feel calm and still which makes me more open to positive things and helps me to deal with whatever comes my way.


    How long am I going for?

    The answer is: I don’t know. It could be 1 year or 6 years. One thing I know is that I will come home for summer, but as I said earlier my plans always change so actually nothing is sure. Let’s keep it spontaneous and let the life flow, no plans are required. We’ll see.


    What will I be doing there?

    Most of all I will focus on blogging, I feel like blogging is something that is meant for me in this life. I can do it as a hobby or as a job – I don’t care. It just makes me happy. Making blogging into a job is a great thing though, because then I can spend even more time doing what I love the most without worrying about the finances. I will try to get a job at a PR company or at a clothing store at first, I want to save up and be able to afford things like traveling around and amazing Aussie clothes hehe. If there comes a moment when I realise that I can do all these things even if I only work with my social medias then I will quit the other job.  I haven’t really focused on earning money through my social medias lately, I earn a bit but it’s nothing special. But when I was in Australia last year I did earn quite well with my Instagram and working with brands I love. So it’s definitely possible, but social media is very on and off, one month you can earn a lot and the next month you can earn €100 or nothing at all. It also depends on how many collaborations you agree to, I just don’t want to promote anything that’s not me so I prefer to earn €100 per month doing what I love and working another job rather than earning a lot and working with these waist trainer and teeth whitening brands that pay €400 for a single post.

    Also I found a photographer who I’m going to work together with. We actually started talking about working together about 6-7 months ago, when I had just left from Sydney to NZ and then flew home to Estonia. I wanted to stay in Australia so bad but it just didn’t work out whatever I tried, so I came home. And now we will finally start creating content together – see, things happen when the time is right! He seems super awesome and motivated, I’m super excited for that new chapter for the both of us. He’s also the world’s youngest Sony ambassador, how awesome is that!

    Okey I think I wrote about everything that I had on my mind right now, if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments. Also, I started a new category on my blog “personal”. I’ve always felt like I want to share more of how I think and what’s going on on my mind, but no one really does that in the lifestyle/fashion blogging world and I felt that maybe it’s.. weird? Boring? Also it’s really easy to get judged if you share your personal views on things, but I want to talk to you exactly how I talk to my friends. They never judge, so I hope you won’t too. So whether it’s weird or not, I will share some personal stories here on my blog every now and then. It’s funny, but when I write I also inspire myself, writing is so good for you and I even if you don’t have a blog just write in your diary whatever you have on your mind, on whatever topic, it’s a great way to clear your mind. From time to time, this will be my little diary. β™₯