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    May cause miracles

    Hey guys! Ah I feel so good after spending the night at my aunties, she’s the real spirit junkie, only eats raw food, does yoga and meditates for hours, she has been 3 months without eating anything and so on. She’s so alive and healthy it’s amazing. And all the stories she has, wow I got so much knowledge from her, had amazing healthy food and also meditated and did yoga together. When I left today I felt like I had visited a spa or a yoga retreat haha. Although everything is amazing here and I couldn’t be happier to be here I still feel overwhelmed sometimes, I have to start looking for a job and I need to find an apartment. I don’t worry about these things too much, but I guess a little part of my still does. So it felt so good to go there and let go of everything and relax.

    Now I want to talk about this book! So as you probably know I’ve read Gabrielle Bernstein’s books before (The Universe Has Got Your Back & Spirit Junkie) and in one of her books she talks about how people still email her saying how her books found their way into these people’s lives. Either the book just fell off the shelf in a bookshop or some other magical way. When I got here I went to my favourite little bookshop called Gertrude & Alice, they have thousands of books and what are the odds that out of all the books my eyes stop on this one. I grabbed it and had a look, seemed really interesting but it was $40 so I thought I’ll think about it. I never rush into buying anything, whatever it is I always have to think about it, little fun fact hehe. A few days later I went back to that bookshop and the book was on sale for $10 so I had to get it. Basically what it is, it’s a 40 day guide for your mind. It’s like a work out guide, but for your mind. And it’s 40 days because she said that it takes 40 days for a person to have a habit, so if you complete these 40 days you’ll have an amazing, positive mindset and you see miracles everywhere. It takes max 5 minutes of your time in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening, you start & end your day in the most positive way. In the beginning of this book she said that if you start to follow these steps then miracles will happen. And it’s true. I really recommend this book guys!


    Q&A part 2

    Have you ever traveled the world and where did you go?

    I have traveled quite a lot I guess, when I was younger I went to Italy every single year and sometimes multiple times a year to spend summer, christmas and other holidays with my family there. When I got into my teenage years I stopped going there and did some other trips like Greece and Turkey with my mom. And later some more trips like Dubai with my boyfriend (I don’t recommend going there if you are young though, it’s so expensive and my opinion is that it’s meant for older people or if you are super super rich). I think I’ve always done 1 trip per year but it wasn’t until 2016 when I started traveling a lot more, I’ve already been to Australia twice, I did a huge France and Italy road trip, LA and Barcelona with my girlfriends and so on. Traveling is the best, it feeds your soul. It’s an amazing feeling when you’ve managed to save up for a trip, you are in the airport about to board your flight and deep down in your soul you feel like you can take over the world. It’s such an exciting time. Traveling is the best teacher, the best life school. I have learned so much in the past year and I’ve become such a better person.

    Kas te olete reaalselt ka nii pruun või see on fake tan? Mõni hobi on? Ei saa ära ütlemata, et olete nii kena! 

    Nii armas aitäh! :-)) ma olen tegelikult väga valge, mu parim sõbranna Marleen on puhas eestlane ja ta on palju pruunim kui mina ilma fake tan-ita. Fake tan on life haha! Mul ei ole päris päevitust olnud juba mitu mitu aastat. Aga muidugi töötlemine teeb mind pildil veel pruunimaks, et nii pruun ma ka päris ei ole kui mõnel pildil võib tunduda :-)) ja minu suurim hobi on kindlasti blogimine aga ka healthy lifestyle, raamatute lugemine, trenn, reisimine.


    Who are you? Not trying to be cocky. Just that I just now started following – also feel free to treat it more philosophically

    It’s a difficult question to answer haha. But my answer to this question would be that I’m a girl with big dreams, who’s not afraid to fail and who believes in the power of the universe and that there’s a plan for all of us.


    What do you usually eat in a day and what’s your excercise routine?

    I’m a fan of healthy food and I actually enjoy healthy food so I eat very healthy and mostly vegetarian. I never buy meat home, but when I eat out I do sometimes have a chicken ceasar salad if I feel like it or very rarely even a beef stake, so I don’t limit myself. Eating this way is very natural for me and this is what suits me. I love everything organic, although it’s so expensive I try to mostly buy organic food. And of course I do balance it out with some cheat days or cheat meals like chocolate or candy or something else yummy. But lately I prefer to have healthy cheat days, I eat organic chocolate or a loot of organic gummy bears haha which wouldn’t be very good on a daily basis but the reason I do this is that when I look at the ingredience list on for example a chocolate found in the grocery shop I just get sick and I don’t want to eat it. So I go to the organic shop and buy some yummy stuff from there. You are what you eat ;-))

    I used to do the Sonia Tlev workuit guide, completed all 12 weeks and was so happy with the results. I tried to re-start it twice, but never made it past week 7. The past months I’ve been doing daily morning walks and this is something that really tones my stomach. And a butt workout 3x per week. I’m thinking about buying the Tammy hemebrow gym booty workout guide but I’m scared my legs get bulky as my muscles grow really fast so I don’t know what to do!?!?

    How old are you?

    I’m 22

    What kind of guys you don’t like?

    The kind of guys who like every girl’s photo on Instagram haha. But also smoking, drugs etc is an instant turn off no matter how nice or good looking the guy is

    what’s your favourite thing to shoot?

    I love shooting so much so I don’t really know! But best shoots are when I’m literally obsessed with the outfit I’m wearing or when I’m shooting in a beautiful place

    what’s one of the things you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done yet?

    I don’t know I can’t think of anything at the moment. Maybe playing with penguins? Hahaha so random, but when I was in Dubai my biggest dream was to play with the penguins they had in this huge ski resort inside a shopping mall buut then I got there too late and missed the penguin show. I was devastated

    It might sound weird but do you have a boyfriend? You have never talked about that I’m sure a lot of people are curious haha xx

    I don’t. I was in a relationship for more than three years and before that I was in another relationship for 2 years, at some point I realized that I had been in a relationship since I was 17. So like, most of my youth. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, but I felt like I had all my life to be in a relationship, settle down, get married etc. I had the perfect relationship, but it wasn’t the right time for me. To me being single doesn’t mean that I can hook up with whoever I want whenever I want to, in fact there’s not a single thing going on in my dating life and it has been like this for a while. And I’m loving it. Guys are the last thing on my mind at the moment, being single to me is all about finding my happiness inside of myself, often when we are in a relationship we rely all our happiness on our partners. We are happy when they are next to us and sad when they are not. Before I came out of this relationship I had no idea how to be alone, I hated being alone but now I love it. I have grown so much with this time and this is why it had to end. Everything has a purpose and everything happens for a reason. Being single to me is all about focusing on myself, doing things like buying a plane ticket and moving to the other side of the world, things like being independent.

    But with that said, my ex boyfriend is the most beautiful person inside-out. He treated me like every girl should be treated, I felt like a princess every single day. He’s also a big reason why I’m where I’m in life at the moment. He is so incredibly smart and inspires me endlessly. All my best decisions were made when I was with him. I’m so incredibly lucky to have met him.


    What do you think of long distance relationships?

    I think No. This is my personal opinion, but I think when you are in a long distance relationship you can’t be fully present. You might be in the most beautiful place in the world and think ‘yeah this is nice but I wish he would be here with me’ you know what I mean? You’ll miss the person endlessly and it takes a lot of energy and also it takes you away from the present moment. But the present moment is all you’ll ever have so you will end up living in a bubble that’s created by your mind. You are not living fully and not experiencing things fully.

    Did you study ? If yes what?

    Yes I studied law for three semesters and then took 2 years off. I’m thinking about doing an exchange semester or year in Australia, that sounds SO fun!!


    Hey Lucy, first i have to say you are such a beautiful person. I love reading your blog and your social media in general. I wonder how you keep your body fit? What are your tips? Diet and workout?

    Thank you so much lovely this means more you’ll ever know. I just like to keep myself active – go for walk, a yoga session, butt workout or whatever else. Just doing something and moving my body every single day. Even just a 20 minute walk listening to music or a podcats is really good. Clears your mind and tones your body! 😉 walking is such a good excercise and the results are better than you can imagine, we did a 30 minute walk with Marleen every day for 2 months this summer and we both saw amazing changes in our bodies, our stomach’s looked so freaking good. Walking is great for loosing fat, but if you want to tone your body as well then add in some strength workouts like ab or butt workouts.


    Just wondering were you born in Estonia or Italy? 🙂

    I was born in Estonia 🙂




    Why am I moving to Australia?

    I haven’t really talked about my future plans here and the reason why is that my plans always kept changing, I felt like I wrote something here and then a week later that plan was a history and I already had a new one and so on. I’m the dreamer kind a girl, I hop on every opportunity, and if you do so you’ll soon find out that some things don’t work out which in the end only means that it wasn’t the right plan for you. Everything happens for a reason, I’m never sad when a plan doesn’t go the way I wanted to – I always think that this is exactly how it was meant to go and this will guide me to something better. To something that’s perfect for me.

    I had a plan to move to LA with my best friend, when that didn’t work out we thought about moving to London, as this also didn’t work out I thought about going to New York for a few months and now I will go to Australia. All alone. And I’m so incredibly happy and excited about it. This is where I’m supposed to go I guess, so thank you universe for guiding me here. I already have my visa so there’s no turning back. It’s happening.

    Why am I going?

    Okay I live in Estonia, if you are from here you might agree with what I say, or you don’t. Either way this is how I see things. Summer is amazing, the days are super long, white nights, friends, events, good weather (good weather for Estonia. But if you’re from a sunny country you would say that the weather is.. horrible?) anyways us, Estonians really appreciate these rare sunny days we have in the summer. Estonian summer is great – if you make it great for yourself, it’s a happy-bubble. But when the summer is over it starts raining, it’s dark, cold, people are in a bad mood and grumpy, love is rare and the joy disappears like the wind. I’m very easily affected by the weather, when it’s nice and sunny and bright outside I feel so motivated and happy. When it’s dark and rainy, I’m not sad but I feel different inside. Also one of the reasons is blogging, I could take great photos there with beautiful surroundings, here it’s been raining for 5 days so that’s why I don’t have any new content. And it makes me sad because all I want to do is blog and take photos. I also already work with Australian brands and I have a management in Australia, which is great. My ideal life would be living somewhere sunny and coming home for every summer to see family and friends, go to festivals and have fun. And I should live my dream life, right? What’s the point of living otherwise? I have a soul that craves adventure, new people, new situations, new surroundings, experiencing everything, learning and growth. I want my life to be exciting. I want my life to be an adventure. I want to live out of my comfort zone.

    Why am I going alone?

    At first I was a bit sad about this, I used  to live in Australia with my best friend Marleen for 6 months and we had the freaking time of our lives. This time she’s not coming but I’m actually really proud of her for making this decision for herself. You always have to make these decisions for yourself and not for anyone else. Although I kept asking her to change her mind, she stayed true to herself which is great. Right now she needs to focus on herself and she is doing really well with photography in Estonia and she’s just not ready to step out of that bubble. So yes I’m going by myself, but of course it isn’t the same as moving to a new country alone as I have already been there twice, for 6 months in total. I know that I love it there, I know that it’s my happy place, I know in which area I want to live in, I have friends there who I can’t wait to visit, my aunt moved there now and the rest of my Italian family lives a three hour flight away in New Zealand, I haven’t spent much time with them at all (if you read my blog you know that I saw them for the first time in 7 years in the beginning of this year) so it will be amazing to connect with them even more and have them so close. It’s like a home away from home, that actually feels more like home than my actual home.. if that makes sense. It’s the most beautiful country in the world and the feeling inside of me when I’m there is pure happiness. Of course there will be ups and downs, ups and downs will occur wherever you live and whatever you do, it’s life. At least I will be living in a beautiful place where I can deal with these situations. Australia is a beautiful place for me, it makes me feel calm and still which makes me more open to positive things and helps me to deal with whatever comes my way.


    How long am I going for?

    The answer is: I don’t know. It could be 1 year or 6 years. One thing I know is that I will come home for summer, but as I said earlier my plans always change so actually nothing is sure. Let’s keep it spontaneous and let the life flow, no plans are required. We’ll see.


    What will I be doing there?

    Most of all I will focus on blogging, I feel like blogging is something that is meant for me in this life. I can do it as a hobby or as a job – I don’t care. It just makes me happy. Making blogging into a job is a great thing though, because then I can spend even more time doing what I love the most without worrying about the finances. I will try to get a job at a PR company or at a clothing store at first, I want to save up and be able to afford things like traveling around and amazing Aussie clothes hehe. If there comes a moment when I realise that I can do all these things even if I only work with my social medias then I will quit the other job.  I haven’t really focused on earning money through my social medias lately, I earn a bit but it’s nothing special. But when I was in Australia last year I did earn quite well with my Instagram and working with brands I love. So it’s definitely possible, but social media is very on and off, one month you can earn a lot and the next month you can earn €100 or nothing at all. It also depends on how many collaborations you agree to, I just don’t want to promote anything that’s not me so I prefer to earn €100 per month doing what I love and working another job rather than earning a lot and working with these waist trainer and teeth whitening brands that pay €400 for a single post.

    Also I found a photographer who I’m going to work together with. We actually started talking about working together about 6-7 months ago, when I had just left from Sydney to NZ and then flew home to Estonia. I wanted to stay in Australia so bad but it just didn’t work out whatever I tried, so I came home. And now we will finally start creating content together – see, things happen when the time is right! He seems super awesome and motivated, I’m super excited for that new chapter for the both of us. He’s also the world’s youngest Sony ambassador, how awesome is that!

    Okey I think I wrote about everything that I had on my mind right now, if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments. Also, I started a new category on my blog “personal”. I’ve always felt like I want to share more of how I think and what’s going on on my mind, but no one really does that in the lifestyle/fashion blogging world and I felt that maybe it’s.. weird? Boring? Also it’s really easy to get judged if you share your personal views on things, but I want to talk to you exactly how I talk to my friends. They never judge, so I hope you won’t too. So whether it’s weird or not, I will share some personal stories here on my blog every now and then. It’s funny, but when I write I also inspire myself, writing is so good for you and I even if you don’t have a blog just write in your diary whatever you have on your mind, on whatever topic, it’s a great way to clear your mind. From time to time, this will be my little diary. ♥