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    I’m alive

    Heyyy! Yess I’m still alive haha. Since the day I wrote my previous post I’ve been working every single day. Ebony (the other girl who works here) got sick and I covered for her. No days off so far, I’m also at work right no typing this but I have tomorrow and Tuesday off which I’m so excited for. I’ve been thinking about my blog and Instagram a lot lately, obviously I’m a bit off right now but I really want to re-kick-start it. And do it really well. I bought a new camera and I can not wait to receive it. Seriously blogging makes me so happy, I’ve just been feeling down and haven’t blogged because I don’t have any new photos. But I thought I might as well post some older unseen photos until I get my camera and just write a bit and keep you updated with my life here?

    I’ts almost time to leave the shop now, one of my friends came by a while ago and brought me a smoothie – too sweet. I’m going to get changed and then meet up with them. Ah I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow!!! I love you, thanks with being patient with my posting. I promise it will get so much better. xx


    No photos?

    Hey. Hello. Hi. I don’t have any new photos at the moment, so I thought that I won’t blog…but I wanted to so thought that I would do a blog post without any photos this time. I’m so sad that I don’t have any photos, obviously Gabriel is busy with his own life and we can’t shoot all the time. I think it would be best for me to team up with another blogger and take each others photos, that would work I think because we both NEED photos, wheres when working with a photographer it’s kind of just one way if you get it? So yeah, that’s why I haven’t really updated my Instagram as well. And I also kind of feel that I find it hard to style items, because I only came with one suitcase. But now that I have a job that won’t be a problem anymore as I can buy stuff etc 🙂 anyways I had my fist day at work today and it was so good! Dream job, I’m so lucky. I came home at 3pm and was supposed to go to Watson’s bay right after that to meet up with some friends…but it’s raining so I’ve just been home the whole evening so bored 🙁 and it’s raining like crazy so I guess that’s why I’m feeling a bit down, weather affects me a lot. I was supposed to shoot photos with another photographer today, but it started raining. I have so much stuff to shoot and companies are waiting for the photos and it’s stressing me out. Seriously I wish I could blog alone haha, I find it so hard to rely on someone to get my work done (a photographer in this case). I just have to figure some things out, plan some shoots etc and hope it won’t rain. It will be good!

    A friend of mine just texted me, I’m going over to his to watch a movie. That’s all I need right now, some friends and laughter. I won’t stay long though because I’ve got work tomorrow but it will be good to chat and catch up a bit. Have a good day/night guys I love you! And I’m sorry if this blog post doesn’t make any sense!? I always just write whatever is on my mind and sometimes I doubt if it makes any sense at all or not?


    Daily life, Personal

    I got a job!

    Some photos we have taken here, by Gabriel Hutcheon

    I have a home! I have a job! Haha, everything is working out here and I couldn’t be happier about that. I had a list of things that I wanted to ‘have’ in order to fully feel at peace and at home here. And It was: 1. a home 2. gym 3. a job.

    A few days ago I was Skyping with my family and they asked me about my life here and about my job.. which I didn’t have but I had to lie to them that I have one, because before I left I said that I got a job here which wasn’t true. As bad as it felt to lie I didn’t want them to worry about me, because I didn’t worry, I knew I would find a job anyways. But after Skyping I started feeling really sad about the fact that I still don’t have a job. “I’ve been here for a month and I still haven’t found a job”, “Maybe I won’t find a job at all” were some of the thought that came to my mind. Then I remembered something I learnt from Gabrielle Bernstein’s book – ask universe for help, I said “‘Dear universe I need your help to get the perfect job” in my mind and went to sleep.

    The next day I was walking on the street and my phone started ringing, I picked up my phone and the guy said “Hey Lucy, I’m Glenn, you left your resume into our shop a few days ago, would you like to come for an interview?” I had the biggest smile on my face and the only thing I could think was – universe are you serious!?!? This is not real, this can’t be happening.

    The next day I went for an interview, it’s a small bikini boutique called Bondi Born, right by the beach two minutes from my place. I met the owner who was so nice and when I left the interview I felt like that’s the dream job. Selling beautiful bikinis in a beautiful boutique two minutes from my place? Heck yes. 2 hours after the interview he called me back and said that I got the job, I will start next week! Universe, you are crazy and I love you.


    5 from this week

    1. There’s tinder for girls. Yep! And it’s called Vina. I do have some friends over here who I met the last time I was here (8 months ago) and they are all amazing, but they are all guys. I was seriously missing girl time so much and it made me google if there’s a Tinder for girlfriends out there, just to make some girl friends, and there is! So I signed up to the app, I didn’t really expect anything but the next thing I know I’m at the beach with the sweetest girl Lauren. She just got here from the UK and doesn’t know anyone. She has modelled for Asos and Boohoo and is beautiful inside out. Will definitely hang out with her a lot. This app is the best thing ever haha
    2. When I went to buy an opal card (the one you use for public transport here) the guy sold me a youth card which is meant for kids under 15 hahaha. I know I look young but do I look THAT young!? Anyways, that opal card is the best thing that has happened to me. It’s so much cheaper to travel around using that one and I’m holding onto it for my life. Earlier this week I was on the train on my way home, I only had 1 more stop to go until I saw that the controllers came on. I was so scared that they will take my opal card away that I left and waited for a new train for 15 minutes. So worth it though haha
    3. I was plucking some hairs out of my nose, I don’t usually do that but noticed that I have a few hairs that you can kind of see, so I started plucking them out and while I was doing that every time I pulled a hair out I sneezed. Imagine that in front of a mirror. I even made myself laugh
    4. I moved into my friend’s Mitch’s room, who is currently in Sri Lanka. I can stay here for 2,5 weeks, but one of the girls who also lives here said that she’s planning to move out and FINGERS CROSSED I’ll get her room!! This place is so nice, huge with 6 bedrooms and in north Bondi, super close to the beach.
    5. As I live suuper close to the beach now, I’ve tried to be like a local and walk barefoot to the beach…but I’ve completely burnt my feet and I have blisters on the soles of my feet. Not cool Lucy. I should buy flip flops, I only have sneakers. I literally forgot to bring flip flops to Australia!?!?