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    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi from Haapsalu! Yesterday Marleen got an idea to drive to Haapsalu (my mom has a summer apartment here), so I packed up my bag, took my dog and she picked us up. It was such a good car ride, filled with lots of catching up and girl talk, weird to think that we had not seen each other for a month. We took these photos yesterday right after arriving, I went for a comfortable look as always when I’m traveling (doesn’t matter if it’s an hour drive or a 12 hour flight, comfy clothes are a must). I paired my Saboskirt set with my new Nike sneakers and borrowed Marleen’s bomber. It was raining so this is why my hair looks like this, haha. But it was such a beautiful night, we went to see the sunset by the sea, Haapsalu always has the best sunsets, and then we came home and both did our thing – edited photos, asked each other opinions about photos – this edit or this one? Should I post this photo or the other one? Feels so good to have someone with the same interests as you.

    We had breakfast at a vegetarian cafe this morning, I ordered pancakes with agave syrup, peanut butter and bananas and let me tell you, it was heaven. Now it’s time for a nap, I hope the weather will clear up (it’s raining right now) so we could take some more photos later tonight. Laters! x


    Grey n’ Beige

    DSC_4915DSC_5055DSC_5127DSC_5051DSC_5145DSC_5133DSC_5067Top – Sorella / shorts – Zara / jumper – Calvin Klein / shoes – Public Desire

    Photos by Marko Mäestjärv

    Hi guys! Here’s the fist look, I went for shorts, a t-shirt and heels. I also tied a jumper around my hips, love doing this – sometimes it can really complete the look. I’d been eyeing “plastic” shoes for a while, but didn’t really think that I would actually wear these out, until Public Desire was kind enough to let me pick out a pair of shoes to get sent to me and I chose these! I actually really like these now, they go perfectly with shorts, jeans or dresses. I’m so sad that I can’t wear shorts out anymore, or all the pretty playsuits that didn’t see the light of day this summer. Oh well, I really am a summer person so I will definitely be living somewhere warm in the future. I mean, a lot of people stay where they grow up, which is of course totally fine. But have you ever thought about that you can live pretty much anywhere in the world? Yes, you often do need a visa, but you can always make it work somehow. I mean, I want to live in Monaco or Australia and both are a bit difficult in that matter, but I will make it work, I know I will. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? If you got the answer, start working for it and you will be living there in the future, that’s for sure! x





    Fall Inspo


    Hey guys! I found this collage online and I love everything here, my favourite colours! I’m not really a dress-person, but I’ve started to like these everyday dresses, might buy a few in different colours to mix up with my favourite sneakers and a bomber/ leather jacket, perfect fall outfit. I was thinking about buying these shoes in France but ended up not buying and regretting it now haha. No I think I have enough sneakers for now, or do I?

    I just came home from work, walked & played with my dog, had a smoothie on the way home and now I’m getting some blogging and emails done on the computer. I might have to go back to work later, but feels good to have a few hours on the couch :-). We shot some outfits with Marko before I left for France and the first one will be up tonight, so you can check back here a bit later! x




    Dinner look

    I’m wearing a new jacket & backpack from Zara / h&m top (old) / Topshop jeans / Wrap around necklace from na-kd / Star chocker from Zara / Adidas shoes

    Hey guys! I bought mobile internet today so I could blog, seriously Italians have the worst internet, even with mobile internet it took at least half on hour to load these photos, damn it haha. Anyways we took these photos above in Cannes before having dinner, how do you like my new jacket? I love it, it’s a bit different from what I usually wear, gives a nice vibe to the look.

    I’m in Rome noww! So happy to be here, we went on that hop on hop off tourist bus today and did all the sightseeing, so perfect if you are short in time. Tomorrow we are going to the Vatican museum and do some shopping, so cool to visit so many different countries – France, Italy, Monaco and now Vatican. How crazy that there’s another country in the middle of Rome?

    I’m going to watch a movie now, it has been on for an hour but I’m always multitasking, so I will put my phone away now and find out what this movie is all about haha, it’s called The nice guys – have you seen it?

    Good night guys xx