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    Sporty look

    DSC_5477DSC_5244DSC_5227DSC_5403DSC_5366DSC_5225DSC_5537Here’s the full look! Comfy & sporty – I love it. I really like going for sporty looks, I think I wear sweatpants/leggings out like 50% of the time haha. But at the same time I still want the outfit to look good, so I often pair sweatpants with a leather jacket to make it look a bit less sporty. Anyways I think sweatpants are a great item to style! Enough with the sweatpants talk now haha, I’m gonna do some shopping today, I need two nightstands and two lamps to put on the nightstands, so I better go now. Another post is coming up later tonight xoxo 


    Gym look

    Workout outfit 2

    Shorts – here / sports bra – here / gym bag – here / hat – here / shoes – here 

    I couldn’t sleep last night so I started looking around on and I found so many cool workout clothes. I think new clothes really do motivate you to go to the gym. If it would be warmer this would be what I would wear to the gym today! I love Stella McCartney x adidas collections, perfect combination between fashion and fitness. I also found this gym bag, I have never had a gym bag before I’ve just used my huge handbag haha, maybe it’s time to order one? 😉
    I’m going to make some breakfast and then I’m off to a meeting. Laters x


    DSC_9165DSC_9131DSC_4313DSC_4315DSC_4525DSC_4533Jumpsuit – Saboskirt / leather jacket – Zara / necklace – NA-KD / heels – bought in LA

    Sorry for so many photos hehe, I just really liked these and wanted to show you them all! I love this look, quite a simple playsuit but it’s just so timeless and perfect, and the colour of it – love love love. I bought the heels in LA and I have worn these a lot, especially when going out, they are super comfy too so perfect for party nights. I’ve gotten so many questions about this leather jacket both on my blog and Instagram, I bought it from Zara in Sydney – one of my favourite jackets in my closet. A lot of favourite items combined in this outfit. Hope you guys like this look! x


    Sneak Peak

    DSC_4315Hey guys! This outfit will be up later tonight, I’m having some trouble with the internet here so the rest of the photos have to wait till I’m home. Anyways it’s been raining two days straight, I need some sun. Although it was cozy to just chill in bed for 2 days, watch different series on Netflix and just catch up, nothing beats a sunny day spent outside. We just left Haapsalu and we’r currently in the car driving to Pärnu, Marleen needs to get some stuff done there and then we will have lunch and start driving home. Talk to you later x