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    Leather pants & sweater & bag – Denim Dream / Shoes Ugg

    Hey guys! Some last posts from Estonia before I start with Aussie photos 🙂 on one of the days I wore this outfit from Denim Dream. I think it’s super nice and comfy, I really like this leather pans + sweatshirt combo. A jacket over and it’s the perfect winter outfit I think! Everything I’m wearing is available @Denim Dream stores :-)) love their stuff!

    I’m currently sitting in my room writing this post while there’s an actual porn party going on right under my bedroom window. Haha I just showed it to my flatmate and it’s just so funny. There are 6 guys all wearing thongs and 1 naked girl, the weirdest thing I’ve seen in my life haha.

    I’m going to go for a little evening walk now. Talk to you tomorrow! x



    GRLFRND denim

     Jeans – Revolve here / Jacket – Mistressrocks / Top & bag – Gina Tricot / Shoes – Nastygal


    Just quickly posting today’s outfit, I love these jeans from Revolve! A bit too long for me though but other than that they fit so nicely. Wore this jacket for the first time too hehe, it’s a bit crazy but cool. Okay almost midnight, good night! x



              Hoodie – Tommy Hilfiger (Denim Dream stores) / Bag – Gigi Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger (Denim Dream stores) / Shoes – Mistressrocks

    Yesterday didn’t rain for the first time in 5 days so we went out to shoot this outfit with Eliza. Absolutely love these photos! And this outfit, long hoodies/t-shirts with heels is definitely my vibe. And that Gigi x Tommy bag is perfection, have you checked out the Gigi collection yet? I think it’s amazing, so much cool stuff. It’s available in Tommy Hilfiger stores so go check it out if you haven’t yet!

    I’ts time for some yoga now to relieve that horrible neck/shoulder pain that I have. I don’t know what it is, but it even hurts to move my head, maybe it’s because it’s so cold outside? I have no idea, but I wrote into Youtube shoulder pain yoga yesterday and did a session, I felt really good after so I’m going to do that again now. I really recommend ‘Yoga by Adrienne’ videos if you want to do yoga at home. Talk later x



    Wearing a dress from Dollygirlfashion and denim jacket from Zara

    We took these photos yesterday, when it was 8 degrees outside haha things I do for Instagram. Haha no actually it was all my fault, I should’ve shot this outfit 2 weeks ago when the weather was still warm. Well you live you learn. Talking about shooting, I have a collaboration with Denim Dream stores right now and I picked out some stuff from the Tommy x Gigi collection and shot the first look today (again only wearing a t-shirt, what’s up with me and no jackets? But I feel like I always like the outfit that’s under the jacket more, so I shoot pretty much all my outfits without wearing a jacket, although that’s not really ‘fall inspo’ I guess. But I don’t have a lot of nice coats/jackets :-(( ) I didn’t have time to go through the photos yet, but how sick good looking is that collection, everything is so high quality and the jeans I picked out fit so perfect. I’ll show you the photos tomorrow!

    Okay I really have to close my computer now and start getting ready, I’m going to Diane’s birthday ♥ Happy Friday guys!!