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    Adidas x fishnet

    Adidas  top / Topshop jeans / Mesh tights from Catsgotthecream / Vans shoes

    Photos by Marleen Muhuste

    Edit by me

    Hey guys! Here’s what I wore yesterday + my Canada Goose polar jacket on top ofc. I’m so freaking tired of wearing that jacket but it’s just so cold that I can’t wear anything else. I just can’t wait till the day I can finally put it away! I’m honestly so tired of it haha. It’s so gloomy outside today, I’m just having my brekkie right now and then I might go to Haapsalu, my mom has an apartment by the sea there and it’s super nice and relaxing to go there sometimes. So we’ll see! Btw do you like the outfit? What do you think about the fishnet trend? I think it’s super nice, I saw some cool fishnet tops on Asos as well…might have to order 😉 have a good day everyone x


    Little black dress

         Hey guys! I posted this look to Instagram last night and I got so many questions about the dress. It’s from Na-Kd x Vanessa Moe collection and you can find it here, I think it’s the perfect little black dress. The shape is perfection and I’m totally obsessed with square neckline and spaghetti straps right now. Pure love haha! Now I’m going to get out of bed and wake Marleen up and then – breakfast! We planned to shoot some photos today, but the weather seems so bad so we’ll see about that. So happy to live together with my best friend/photographer ♥︎

    Outfits, Travel

    Crop top

    Jeans – Black swallow boutique / Top – Pretty Little Thing / Shoes – Nike / Lace bralette – Na-Kd 

    Hey guys! We shot these photos with Malin on one of the days in Marbella. It’s one of my favourite super easy and comfy looks – high waisted jeans + crop top + sneakers. Always works. I love crop tops and I have so many, when I came back from Australia to Estonian winter I discovered that I literally only had crop tops haha and needed to buy some normal shirts. But crop tops are so cute, I can’t wait for summer to wear them! The fact that summer is coming makes me so happy inside.

    My dog is already sleeping in my bed so I should close my computer now and go to sleep too. I’ll try to wake up early tomorrow as well, I feel so much more productive & I have more energy if I wake up early. Nighty night x


    Outfits, Travel

    Earthy tones

       Dress – Ivyrevel / Boots – Public Desire

    Good morning everyone! We took these photos at Janni’s place before going out. I love this dress, I’m usually not into leopard stuff at all but I think this one is super nice and I’ve worn it so many times. Btw I’m so happy I changed my Instagram feed, I feel like the previous feed killed my creativity a bit, but now I have so many photo ideas and I’m so excited! And it feels really good to have my blog and Insta in sync 🙂 happy girl! I hope you guys love the new feed too x