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    Friday night


    IMG_8711My look for Friday night – went for a t-shirt dress from Saboskirt & thigh high heels (added a necklace + denim jacket later)

    Good morning! Just woke up at my moms place, came here last night because Marleen was going out and I felt so sick so I didn’t want to be alone. Had probably the worst day of 2016 yesterday, I threw up like 15 times. I was hungover & sick at the same time. I don’t usually throw up from drinking and I drank 3 glasses of wine, so not too much I guess. But I think my body was too weak, I was getting sick anyway and shouldn’t gone out. I don’t even want to think about how I felt yesterday, ahh it was so bad! Don’t want to drink for a long time now, maybe not at all anymore. But we’ll see 😉

    I feel a lot better now though but my throat hurts as much as it hurt after getting my tonsils removed, I can’t talk & eat. So I might have to go to the doctors later. Have a good day guys, I’ll try to rest a bit x


    Adidas set

    PicMonkey CollageOMP_0788-2OMP_0840-2Photos by: Oscar Miño

    Wearing Adidas set & shoes

    Good morning! Woke up with a sore throat this morning 🙁 I always get sick when I get home from my travels. Luckily it’s just my throat, otherwise I feel pretty damn good 😉 Anyways these are the last photos we took with Oscar in Barcelona. I love Adidas sets, so easy to wear and so stylish. This one is perfect for a hot summer day.

    Todays plans are furniture shopping (I need new lamps & mirror) and after that we were planning to go paddle boarding with my boyfriend, but we are not really feeling the weather soo we’ll do something else instead. And tonight I’m going to get my nails done, about time haha. Have a good day guys talk to you later x



    Top: Ivyrevel / skirt bought from a small store in Australia / shoes: Nike huarache

    Hey guys! Here’s another outfit we shot with Oscar. I love this look – so comfy but still stylish. I love wearing sneakers with skirts and dresses, it perfectly balances out the look. This skirt is also super nice with heels & crop top for a party!

    Yesterday night we went to a restaurant, had pizza and vine and then went to 2 other places and we got home at 8 this morning haha – this is a perfect example of a spontaneous summer night. Not even thinking about where you are and what’s the time. Going home when you feel like it and sleeping in the next day – we all need these kinds of nights. Today we haven’t done much yet, but soon we will get ready and to go a rap battle or something?! Not sure haha, but it’s just next door from my house so we’ll check it out. And after that I think we’ll do a cozy movie night. Have a nice day guys, talk to you later x


    By Oscar Miño

    Top/dress from Bershka man / Mango jacket / Adidas shoes / headphones bought in Australia

    Here are some better photos of my outfit from two days ago. I found this top from the mans section in Bershka, makes the perfect casual dress for me, so easy to match with sneakers and a jacket.

    We just changed our hotel room, we didn’t have hot water and there was bad wifi, so we got that sorted out. I just had a shower and now Eliza is in the shower and I thought I’ll make a quick blog post. I really love these photos we took with Oscar, I wish he lived in Estonia so I could shoot with him all the time haha!

    Eliza is done with her shower now so I better start getting ready, as I told you guys we are going out. I’m sure it will be super fun. Have a good night x