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    I scream ice cream

    Shorts – here / Top – here / Jacket – here / Bag – LV

    We went to this ice cream place with Marleen! It was soooo good you need to try it, I found it on Insta it’s called ‘Crazy ice roll’ and it’s in Balti Jaam. I got the Kinder Buoeno one and Marleen got strawberry & blueberry one and both were deliciouuus. I love this kind of places that sell good Instagrammable food haha, btw do you guys have any reccomendations for cute Instagrammable cafes/restaurants in Tallinn? Tell mee

    Now I’m spontaneously in Pärnu at my favorite spa :-)) I’ll try to take some photos today if I can get a guy to take decent photos of me? Hahah


    Today’s look

    Jacket – vintage Adidas / Zara hoodie / Shoes – Mistressrocks / Sunnies – Quay

    This is what I wore today :-))) did winter do a comeback? Seriously it was so cold today! Btw just in case saying that I did wear shorts underneath, I didn’t walk around flashing my ass ;P

    Anyways today actually didn’t start well at all..I woke up to the worst period pain, I used to have really bad period pains to the point where I threw up because of the pain but that had not happened in like almost a year. I never had any period pains in Australia and now it happened again? Wtf. I was in so much pain for like 3 hours, I could barely breathe, I was vomiting the whole morning :-(( anyways I was googling what could’ve possibly caused that and one of the things that google said was that meat and dairy can trigger period pains. I barely had any meat and dairy in Australia, but started eating that stuff again when I got back. I’ll go back to no meat and dairy and fingers crossed I won’t feel that pain from hell again.

    We’re watching gossip girl on the couch right now and then I’m going to bed. The best part about living with friends = movie nights for sure! Nighty night ♥


    Lace up & denim

    Bodysuit here / Shorts – vintage Levi’s / Watch Abbot Lyon / Sneakers – publicdesire / Bag – LV

    This is what I wore a few days ago before coming to Haapsalu 🙂 now I’ve been just relaxing in Haapsalu with my mom, we’re heading back to the city tonight though and I’m excited for some city life. It’s so dead quiet here, great for relaxing but can’t stay for long haha. Also I’m getting my hair done tomorrow woo! Right now it’s like a mix of faded black, brown and has a bit of a red hue. Not a vibe.

    I’m patiently waiting for breakfast’s almost 12. I’m doing intermittent fasting now, which means that every day I have an 8 hour window for eating. I usually do eat 12-8 and the rest of the time I fast. Suits so well with my lifestyle! This morning I woke up a bit hungry but usually I’m not even hungry while I’m fasting.

    Talk later xx


    Sunday look

    Dress – here / bag – Gina Tricot

    I guess these photos are as blurry as my Sunday was haha! That’s when you take photos on a self timer, sometimes you got like the best pics and then find out they’re blurry 🙁

    Anyways this is what I wore on Sunday! I went out for a Sunday sesh (Sundays are like the best party days here) it was my flatmate’s birthday so all 6 of us went out and we had so much fun. Best thing about it – we started partying at 4pm and I was home in bed by 9 haha, love the granny life. I haven’t actually partied a lot lately which I’m happy about! Like 1 or twice per month which is good..I remember the first month I got here, it was crazy haha. I really want to focus on health and fitness right now and have a party night once or twice per month, I think that’s a good balance :-)) going to go through emails now and then it’s bed time. Night x