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Daily life

    Daily life


    Just Ubered home from this girls place ♥

    Hey guys! I spent my evening catching up with this girl on the couch and watching a movie. I’m so happy I met her, I think sometimes the people who matter the most are the ones you can just lay on the couch with. Or have sick party nights with haha. So happy to do life with this one here! Do you remember that I told you that I met her on an app? Which is like Tinder but girlfriends. So funny hahaha, but I truly believe that no one we ever meet is random. You always meet people for a reason. Sleep time now, good night! x

    Daily life


     I’m so grateful to be living near the beach and seeing this view before bed every day <3

    Daily life


    A very sweaty breakfast with Adam this morning in 37 degree heat

    Remember how yesterday I wrote that I’ll continue sipping on my matcha? Well 10 minutes later I was throwing up in the bathroom haha talk about luck. The matcha I was drinking was super strong and tasted awful but I forced myself to drink it because I needed the energy. I googled what happened and apparently I got a green tea poisoning. I’m still feeling unwell today, very lightheaded and dizzy, I only had a few bites of my breakfast. I don’t know if I still feel unwell from the matcha or there’s something wrong? I guess I just have to wait a few days and if I still feel very low on energy and dizzy I need to get a blood test. Although I’m sure it’ll pass!


    I had to skip Lauren’s bday tonight, I need to rest and hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow. Have a good day guys :)) x



    Daily life

    Opera house

    Photo by Guillaume Becotte & edit by me

    Hey guys! I’m so tired I don’t know what’s wrong with me, the past two days I’ve been on such low energy, like I could just close my eyes and fall asleep any second. Maybe it’s because I should get my period really soon? I have no idea. Or maybe because I started working out a lot and with weights and my body isn’t use to it? I don’t know but I hope this tiredness will pass soon.

    Now that I have a new camera I’m so excited to shoot! My babe Lauren will come back from Thailand tomorrow and next week I think we will shoot a lot. The only problem is that I don’t have a lot of outfits here, I do buy stuff from time to time but it’s like 1-2 items not full looks. I only have a few pairs of shoes, a few bags etc and that’s stressing me out but at the same time I don’t have endless money to shop all the time. I’ll try my best to shop around as much as I can and invest a bit into cool outfits that make me feel good and also will make great Instagram posts haha. I swear this blogging thing takes so much money but I love it!

    Okay enough talking random crap haha. I’ll continue to sip on my matcha, I have 1 hour of work left and then I’ll go out for dinner. Tomorrow I have a day off and it’s Lauren’s bday so we are going to Watsons bay for some drinks! I really don’t feel like ruining my super healhy life routine right now, but her bday needs to be celebrated. Okay have a good day guys! xx