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Daily life

    Daily life

    Just posted this on insta! I was asking my friends if this photo is slutty? hahaha. I mean I’m not the kind of girl to post ‘sexual?’ photos of myself and pretty much never used to post bikini photos but now that I live in Australia, I’m in a bikini most of the time. I’m so used to walking around in a bikini or coming home from the beach and just throwing a cropped t-shirt over my swimwear. So this is more normal to me now, to put it that way.

    Anyways I just got home from the gym and I have a boxing class tomorrow morning yay! I’ve gotten some questions about my gym routine now that I use weights, I wanted to test the program first to know if it’s worth recommending but I totally love it now so will make a post about it soon! Bed time for me now, nighty night :-)))

    Daily life

    Happy mornings

    Happy girl after a morning gym session + swim! Such a beautiful day today, I got up at 6.30 and went to the gym and then for a quick swim after. Perks of living by the beach ah! I’m still careful with swimming though, I often get sick after going for a swim and I just had an ear infection in both of my ears so I didn’t go completely under the water just in case.

    Then walked home, showered, had breakfast and went to work. Now I’m working, but I’ll finish soon and then meet up with my babe Lauren. We actually don’t see each other that often at all because she doesn’t live in Bondi. But it’s always so nice to catch up! Love that girl.

    Ps. my cute new bikini is from SaboSkirt :-))

    Daily life

    Puppy fever

      At Jarvis Bay yesteday

    Ah I have a serious puppy fever! That’s the only thing that’s missing here. Bondi is such a ‘dog place’ as well, everyone has a dog and it makes me want to have one here so bad. But obviously I can’t get a dog here, so I thought that I will try to find some dog shelters, I’d love to foster puppies at night, which means you can take a puppy or two home for the night so they don’t have to sleep in the shelter, give them loots of love and cuddles and bring them back the day after. I would lovee to do that, would help me with my dog fever a lot hehe. Sleep time now, good night ♥

    Daily life

    Brunch date

    My girl is back in town ♥♥♥

    I reunited with this girl for brunch yesterday, ahh I missed her so much! It was nice to catch up. Tomorrow we are going to Jarvis Bay which is exciting, apparently the sand there is the whitest sand in the world. I want to take lots of photos hehe. We are leaving early in the morning so I’m having a night in all by myself, probably for the first time in 3 months? Somehow I always end up meeting up with someone and never spend time alone, but the introverted side of me really needs me time. I also feel like I’ve really been lost in my thoghts lately, like I’m very present but also very much in my own bubble (my thoughts) so I want to read The Power of Now before bed tonight. That book always kind of brings me back to the earth. Okay I’ll close my computer now, put something on on Netflix and then soon go to bed and read. Hope you are all well! Thank you for still reading my blog. I love you.